How To Hollow Out Wood With A Router

It is important to note that woodworking projects combine creativity and expertise. At the same time, they also require a lot of variation. For most of your projects, wood can’t be cut in the same shape. For this reason, you need some uniqueness. And as time passes and demand increases, you become familiar with the techniques and traits required to obtain perfect results. In some cases, cutting it into squares, rectangles, and hollowing could be necessary. Using the inner portion of the wood is much more challenging than using the outer portion, given that the outer portion is much easier to work with.

Hollowing out wood can be necessary to increase storage space, improve a part’s fit, or make a sneaky hiding place. Using a woodworking mallet and chisel to hollow out wood is one of the easiest ways. On the other hand, using a router may require an additional cost of the equipment right at the start. And if you have a router with you, this becomes an easy-going task for all. Drill and woodworking bits can be used together to create circular hollows quickly. It is quick and precise to work with a woodworking router, but its price can be pretty high at first.

In this article, we are going to cover how to hollow out wood with a router. It is possible to ruin the overall look of wood and its shape if you do not know something about the cutting ideas. Your attention should be focused on both the inside and outside cuts throughout the whole process. Furthermore, if you hollow out different types of wood, including cardboard, logs, or any other kind of wood, you can make it easier to use and enhance. Hollowing a wood object and fitting things inside it can improve its functioning. You may need to hollow out wood from time to time, whatever the need.

How To Hollow Out Wood With A Router

Hollowing out wood can be done in several easy ways. There are various ways to do this, but the common and convenient method involves using chisels, drill bits, and plunge routers. With these tools, you will be able to achieve the best results within no time.

Necessary Equipment

  • Measuring tape
  • Router
  • Protractor
  • Pencil
  • Safety goggles
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Straightedge
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood file
  • Dust mask
  • Drilling machine
  • Gloves

How To Hollow Out Wood With A Router – The Complete Process

  • Drilling 
  • Clamping
  • Bits
  • Hollowing
  • Drilling 

As with the technique, the first step for you to perform is to drill a guide hole. There is usually a width guide that is being included with most plunge routers that are readily available in the market. You can use these routers to drill holes, and with that, you can conveniently mark your placements on the wood. There are routers that come with a variety of attachments, such as ‘width guides’ that mark the placement of boards. Further, more shapes can be created besides the standard ones, and these shapes are based upon the dimensions that you have in your mind.

  • Clamping

By securing the wooden block that is mentioned on the width guide that comes with your plunge router. You are preventing it from moving during the process. You will need several clamps for this process so that the guide is firmly attached to the wood piece.

  • Bits

In addition to the bits you have mentioned, you can also use sandpaper to hollow out wood. One of the best ways to hollow wood out is by using spiral bits. There is another aspect that needs your consideration. And that is, choosing the right bit depends on the material and the project. As well as setting the depth of the bit with the width guide of your plunge router, you can also establish the depth of the bit. Therefore, when using the router, you must set the center you require. Be sure not to set a depth that is greater than the thickness of the wood you are using. In such a case, you would end up cutting through to the other side.

  • Hollowing 

With the perfect bit in your hand, it is now time for How To Hollow Out Wood With A Router. Below are the instructions for hollowing out your piece of wood.

  1. The handles of the router can be used to lower the bit into the board when it is triggered. 
  2. Continue to lower it until it reaches the specified depth. 
  3. Pull the drill bit back by triggering the router backward.
  4. The wooden board must be hollowed out by repeating these steps.
  5. As the router tends to spit out small wood chunks
  6. You need to be sure to wear safety glasses and other protective gear. 
  7. Router specifications and uses also differ among different routers. 
  8. Before hollowing out wood, consider reading the manual or learning how to use the router.
  9. With the help of a router, you have the opportunity to make several holes that are smaller in size.
  10. These holes are around the perimeter of the hole and pass by the center
  11. Remove the large chunks of wood with a chisel.


Your confidence will gradually increase over time as you practice. Thus, don’t be intimidated by all the above steps for How To Hollow Out Wood With A Router. Try reading the instructions that are being discussed earlier in the article multiple times. And these will prove to be for your own benefit.

Hollowing out wood may sometimes be required as part of your job. It may be necessary for you to do this on a daily basis. If you are a carpenter, then it proves to be a routine task for you. Additionally, you can also perform this activity for your DIY projects. You should follow these easy and simple steps for whatever reason you are doing this.


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