Best Brad Nailer To Buy in 2023 (Top Picks)

Getting the right tool for any task is very important. For instance, if you are a carpenter, you definitely need a hammer to punch all the nails in your woodworks. But as the time for hammers is over. So we bring brad nailers. This is your everyday tool that is a must thing in your toolbox. As carpenters rely on the best tools for the completion of their projects. Without the right tool, nobody is able to perform the right job.

Nailing requires skills with a steady, right tool for the job, so if someone tries his nailing task without the right tool, the results could be catastrophic. Though, a brad nailer is the best tool for small nailing jobs. The best brad nailer allows you to have a fast and valuable nailing operation. On the other hand, a brad nailer can be cordless or pneumatic. These brad nailers are a must for steady and seamless operations, especially for all your precise nailing jobs.

Top Brad Nailers provides many features such as air exhaust, convenience in operations, 360 degrees adjustment features, the shape of nose and position, and the depth of nail. But at the same time, it is also challenging to choose the Best Brand Of Brad Nailer. There are so many options available that can confuse you. For this reason, we have prepared a List Of Best Brad Nailers for you to understand better their operations and specifications. Their capabilities with which they come and the price tag attached to them. 

1. Makita AF506 2 Brad Nailer – Best Pneumatic Brad Nailer 2022

Makita AF506 2 Brad Nailer - Best Pneumatic Brad Nailer


  • Color: Teal
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Power Type: Pneumatic
  • Power Source: ‎Corded-electric
  • Item dimensions: 2.76× 9.84× 10.08 inches
  • Nail Size: 5/8″ to 2″ (18 ga.)
  • Operating Air Pressure (PSI): 70 – 120
  • Operating Air Pressure (Bar): 4.9 – 8.3
  • Style: Modern
  • ‎Item weight: 2.9 pounds

When a professional carpenter searches for the best tool, he looks at everything in a product. And with this being said, here is a brad nailer from Makita with seamless features. It offers 360 degrees adjustment features of air dusters for clean operations and complete control over waste. Further, the nose of the nailer is sharp with a 70 psi  120 psi pressure for nailing, making it the Best Makita Brad Nailer. 

Air Dusters

This air duster is meant to allow you to clean up the dust and the wastage off your workplace conveniently. A wonderful tool that features a perfectly incorporated air duster with 360 degrees directional adjustments. It is an extraordinary feature that utilizes the attached air supply to blow air out of the bottom of the handle. Further, this terrific tool provides a precise and accurate job done every single time for your ease.

Nose Of Nailer

If we look at the nose, it has a narrow and sharp nose which is nicely manufactured by keeping in mind all the needs of operators. And with this, you can get things done instantly. Further, this nose allows reaching difficult and inaccessible areas. For example, you enjoy working with this nailer in tight corners, which are very hard to reach. And you can easily hold this brad nailer because it has an irreversible belt hook meant for your convenience. 

Air Pressure

This tool provides an easy operation with jam release and depth adjustment features. It allows you to have an operating system ranging from 70 psi to 120 psi with a 2-inch adjustable nailing depth. Furthermore, this pneumatic brad nailer is compatible with 18 gauge brad nails with a strong aluminum frame. 


It is light in weight, reducing the fatigue while operating your brad nailer during heavy-duty operations with ease. Thus, this tool is ideal for professional needs because it has a durable and compact design with ease of use that won’t damage your project and provide precision and serve you for a long period.


  • This brad nailer offers the best nose design
  • A user-friendly and accurate tool
  • It provides some of the best dust control features
  • A lightweight, sturdy, and quiet operations nailer


  • The price tag is high 

2. Dewalt Brad Nailer DWFP12231 – Best Brad Nailer Under $100

Dewalt Brad Nailer DWFP12231 - Best Brad Nailer Under $100


  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Magnesium based body
  • Power Type: pneumatic
  • Item Dimensions: 13.03 x 3.74 x 13.09 inches
  • Nail Size: 5/8″ to 2″ (18 ga.)
  • Style: Brad nailer kit 
  • ‎Item model: DWFP12231
  • Item weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Brand:  Dewalt

When a professional is looking for a reliable option, the only name comes into mind. Dewalt. This is one of the best brad nailers because of its reliability features. It has a solid reputation for providing excellent quality and extraordinary performance. The pneumatic design offers 2 inches of accurate depth for nails, and its high-quality features offer 70 psi to 120 psi of air pressure during operations.

Exhaust Port

This amazing tool features a rear exhaust port. The exhaust port is meant to keep the dust and debris away from the working place. So you can enjoy precise and persistent results because of its excellent build quality. In addition, this tool has easy to use design with fast and efficient working.

Belt Hook 

This Dewalt Brad Nailer is convenient because it features an adjustable belt hook. And due to this feature, it makes it the best choice for professionals. Further, it allows the operators to keep their hands free while working on different projects. A great plus is that it is made up of magnesium, making it a lightweight, durable, and stable brad nailer for an extended period. 

Nail Depth

Besides, this wonderful model comes with a 2-inch nailing depth compatible with the 18 gauge brad nails. This nailer offers an easy ergonomic grip and trigger, which allows you an easy operation reducing operator troubles during usage.


This nailer offers you a user-friendly operation with a jam release mechanism. And due to this feature, it is recommended for hobbyists and professional workers. Moreover, this is the best heavy-duty model with high usage for years without worrying about motor maintenance. You get an operating system that ranges from 70 psi to 120 psi.


  • A perfect tool for professionals carpenters and home users
  • There is a tool-free jam release mechanism
  • It has the best ergonomic grip and trigger
  • Enjoy a removable non-marring nose tip
  • It offers seamless adjustable depth during operations


  • It is a bit noisy table during operations

3. Dewalt 20V Cordless Brad Nailer –Best Price Dewalt Brad Nailer

Dewalt 20V Cordless Brad Nailer -Best Price Dewalt Brad Nailer


  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions: 18.72× 11.11 × 6.36 inches
  • Power source: Battery powered  
  • Item weight: 5 pounds
  • Model: ‎DCN680D1
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Brand: Dewalt

For professionals who love a hassle-free brad nailer powered by a battery. This is the ultimate choice for you as it frees you from the hassle of using an air compressor and carrying air hoses with you. Further, this nailer is meant to perform all difficult tasks for you. Enjoy making precise and accurate holes using 18 gauge 5/8-inch to 2-1/8-inch dimensions. 

Battery Powered 

Now you can enjoy fast decorative moldings, kitchen crowns, and shoe moldings with this cordless battery-powered nailer. With its Lithium-Ion battery, this DCN680 brad nailer gives you the ultimate freedom of working without the hassle of using hoses, air compressors, and gas. The battery’s overall power is 20V, but the nominal voltage is 18V. 

Nose Design

Enjoy tackling diverse jobs that enlist large and small with this cordless pneumatic tool. These features improve your line of sight and allow you to plunge brads properly and accurately without misplacing the marks or destroying the material. Other brad nailers are available, but no one can compete with this one because of its narrow and efficient nose design.

Cordless Nailer

With this 18 gauge brad nailer, you are capable of driving brad nails from 5/8 inches to 2 1/8 inches in size. Hence, this is ideal for your tasks like kitchen crowns, window trims, decorative moldings, or shoe casings. Further, this is known as the Best Value Cordless Brad Nailer. 

Powerful Motor

With this tool, you will achieve precise and accurate results. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful motor that is brushless and more efficient, and it can be powered with the help of any of Dewalt’s 20V max lithium-ion batteries. This is an essential feature to easily tackle any tasks or projects, whether huge or minor, professional or DIY.

Firing Sequence 

It has a trigger that you can use the rose between blow firing and full sequential firing tool-free. It’s equipped with an adjustment dial so that you can countersink the nail at the right depth more precisely than any other tool. And you can clear jams quite handily using a tool-free jam release lever right at the top of the nose, though with this tool, you barely have any nail jam. In addition, it has a belt so you can hang it wherever you want when this tool is not in use.


  • This nailer frees the operators from the hassle of gas and compressor
  • It comes with a 20V lithium-ion battery for extended hours of operations 
  • Enjoy seamless power and accuracy with this brad nailer
  • It eliminates jamming or misfiring of nails 


  • This is a heavy nailer when compared to its competitors

4. Bostitch BTFP 12233 Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Ryobi Universal Router Table-A25RT03


  • Type: Freestanding
  • Material: Composite
  • Dimensions: 18.25 x 32 inches
  • Item weight: 28 Pounds
  • Item Model: A25RT03
  • Fence Type: Single
  • Brand: Techtronic Industries, Co. Ltd.

The tip of any brad nailer is a very important feature to consider. And if you want the best tip design, then this Bostitch pneumatic brad nailer is the right option for you. This brad nailer features the latest technology, a smaller nose design, accurate and durable brad nailer on the market. Further, enjoy a clean and hassle-free working experience as it comes as an oil-free brad nailer. 

Nailing Depth

With this model, you can easily fire nails accurately without incorporating its tip. It will fire your every single nail flush right into the wood. This feature of the brad nailer provides you with more accuracy and prevents your material from getting damaged. Further, you use nails of 5/8 inches to 2-1/8 inches in length without any trouble.

Releasing Mechanism

A great plus is that it has a jam release mechanism. With the help of its jam release mechanism, you may barely have any nail jam while using it. Now you don’t need any oiling to your nail gun because this model is an oil-free brad nailer. And your nailer does not require specific maintenance, and you don’t need to worry about the oil stain on your working project anymore.

Firing Modes

Enjoy two options for triggering two different modes. Now you have the power to select and use any of the modes according to your needs. As there are two modes contact firing and sequential firing mode. You can use either mode which you are comfortable with. Furthermore, two adjustable dials come with this, and you can control the overall depth of the nail. 

Hooking Features

Further, it features a belt hook for your convenience to hold it or hang it at your access. Lastly, this Bostitch tool has everything you may need for nailing. This tool will help you in any cabinet or home remodeling or any kind of task that needs brad nails.


  • This brad nail offers the best oil-free operations for the users
  • It comes with a perfect belt hook that allows you seamless operations 
  • Now you can enjoy two firing options with this brad nailer
  • The overall hooking features of the brad nailer is due to its ergonomic handle grip


  • The air exhaust is at the bottom of the handle.

5.Metabo HPT Brad NailerBest Value Electric Brad Nailer

Metabo HPT Brad Nailer - Best Value Electric Brad Nailer


  • Type: Freestanding
  • Material: Composite
  • Dimensions: 18.25 x 32 inches
  • Item weight: 28 Pounds
  • Item Model: A25RT03
  • Fence Type: Single
  • Brand: Techtronic Industries, Co. Ltd.

When buying a brad nailer, most professionals go for the overall weight of the brad nailer. This is because a heavy nailer will eventually cause pain in the arm. For this reason, we bring you one of the best lightweight brad nailers. Further, you wish to have a brad nailer with reduced downtime. This brad nailer might be your ultimate choice in this regard. 

Brad Capacity 

The most crucial feature is that this Metabo brad nailer comes with a magazine that can hold up to 100 nails. This can definitely lessen the rest of the downtime for your tool because the more nails in a magazine. And the holding capacity of the nailer is much more than that of other nailers in the market. Additionally, you can work with it without worrying about nails’ reloading. 

Firing Mode

Metabo features a special tip that is attachable to the nose of the brad nailer and prevents any damage to the workpiece. Its narrowest nose can still be meant to fulfill its job accurately. Furthermore, it also features dual firing modes. With just one click, you can change the firing mode to sequential mode and vice versa, depending on your needs. 

Depth Adjustment

It has a depth adjustment feature which plays a very important role in any brad nailer. And it consists of a simple dial just below the trigger and handles. By moving these dials, you can achieve your required depth within seconds. Thus allowing you to adjust the nail to plunge into the wood.  

Exhaust Port

The exhaust port, which is present at the rear, can easily get rid of the dust. Thanks to its 360 Degree adjustable exhaust port features, it prevents air from getting into your face. It also prevents the staining of the workpiece. A great plus is that you can easily adjust the direction of the port. 


  • This brad nailer offers a 360-degree adjustable exhaust port
  • It provides seamless operations with 18 gauge nails
  • The overall design and build quality is superb
  • It comes with a non-marring tip for accurate results during operations


  • Reports of parts being of low quality and stop working

6. Wen Pneumatic Brad NailerBest Budget Brad Nailer


  • Type: Freestanding
  • Material: Composite
  • Dimensions: 18.25 x 32 inches
  • Item weight: 28 Pounds
  • Item Model: A25RT03
  • Fence Type: Single
  • Brand: Techtronic Industries, Co. Ltd.

Considering the low price, this wen pneumatic is the most impressive and best-performing tool you would ever find. First thing first it is very light in weight weighing only 3 pounds. And it is beautifully designed with an ergonomic handle covered with rubber which makes it very comfortable to hold and gives you perfect grip while operating it.

Air Pressure 

It fires nails within the range of 3/8″ to 2 inches in length, and this brad nailer operates between 60 psi to 115 psi of pressure. Apart from adjusting the pressure of the air compressor, making the depth adjustment can be done easily by rolling the wheel near the trigger. 

Nailer Capacity 

The magazine is capable of keeping about 106 nails at a time which minimizes the downtime. And you can enjoy fast operations without any trouble. Further, a plain window in the magazine acts as a meter and lets you know if you are running out of nails. Plus, loading the magazine is also very easy and convenient.


The exhaust port is at the back to prevent the working place from contamination and staining. A great plus is that the exhaust port is rotatable, which means you can move it according to your convenience. And with this, you can prevent your face from direct air coming out the brad nailer while working. Besides, it prevents your working material from staining because it is an oil-lubricated brad nailer.


  • It is the best budget-friendly brad nailer on the list
  • This nailer is easy to operate that features the best performance 
  • It offers an adjustable exhaust port along with being a lightweight nailer
  • No need to worry about jams with this perfect brad nailer


  • It comes with a single firing mode 

7. Porter-Cable BN200C Brad Nailer


  • Type: Freestanding
  • Material: Composite
  • Dimensions: 18.25 x 32 inches
  • Item weight: 28 Pounds
  • Item Model: A25RT03
  • Fence Type: Single
  • Brand: Techtronic Industries, Co. Ltd.

When you need a maintenance-free brad nailer for your operations. This porter cable brad nailer consists of a maintenance-free motor which means you don’t need to pay attention to its maintenance. Further, there is a need for lubricating it with oil to keep it working in the right condition and staining the delicate working projects. This feature distinguishes it from all other brad nailers out there. 

Lightweight Brad Nailer

A great plus is that it is a lightweight brad gun. Portable cable makes sure that the brad nailer should be light. They use magnesium metal for making the frame easy to carry during extended hours of operations. Furthermore, this brad nailer can drive nails ranging from 5/8 to 2 inches in length. 

Exhaust Port 

Now there is no tension of staining of working material. Besides, it has an exhaust port located at the rear, which is ideal for working conveniently. Also, it has a reloaded indicator, which will alert you when your brad nailer’s magazine is empty. You can easily reload the chamber and spontaneously work without any dry fire. Dry fire usually occurs when the magazine is empty.

Belt Hook 

Additionally, it has an adjustable belt hook at the side to easily secure the brad nailer when you are not working with it. The handle is covered with rubber ensuring the best grip at the tool and maximum stability while working with the tool. Overall it is the best tool with all the essential features.


  • Enjoy the ease of operations with this brad nailer 
  • It is made of high-quality, durable material
  • The nailer comes with the best belt hook so you can keep it out of kids range
  • It comes in a good quality carrying case


  • You may have to deal with some miss fire with this tool

Types of Best Brad Nailer

Remember there are two types of brad nailers that are available in the market. 

  1. Cordless Brad Nailers
  2. Pneumatic Brad Nailers

Cordless Brad Nailers

The cordless brad nailer works on the lithium ion-based battery. These types of brad nailers are a little bulkier than that pneumatic brad nailers. On the other hand, they are more portable and easy to operate. These models are best for carpenters who find themselves walking with numerous job sites with their brad nailer. Furthermore, this brad nailer has a rechargeable battery that may limit the tool work time, so you should carry a spare battery pack along with you for convenience. However, the best choice for contractors is pneumatic models, as they are light in weight with the consistent operation. They have durable components with longer service and the best motor. Cordless models are the right choice for hobbyists or homeowners. They are cheap than pneumatic models and allow you to move around conveniently while working on projects without dragging a compressor around you.

Pneumatic Brad Nailers

This type of brad nailer works at off-air power. It usually links to your compressor for working, providing you with constant nailing without any lag as the compressor fills. These are the best choice for contractors that use a bead nailer in their working projects often. At the same time, a pneumatic brad nailer requires a compressor for working, so you have a limited range area for working or when you are using the machine.

Buying Guide 

These are the things that one should consider while buying the best brad nailer for their workplace. 

Adjustable Depth

Typically, a brad nailer works with brad nails up to  2 inches in length. Most of the models come with an adjustable depth mode for different brad nail sizes. So an adjustable depth feature is a must-have one for any brad nailer. It usually depends upon the size of the nail and the thickness of your workpiece, which you are using for your projects. So you have to adjust the depth you want your nail sinks into the wood or any other material. Usually, an adjustable dial or wheel is present, so by turning the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise, you can adjust your required depth. So choose the brad nailer with an adjustable depth feature.

Nose Design

Narrow tips or nose design is recommended for accuracy and precision. The tip of the nose is usually the point where your brad nailer and the workpiece collaborate or meet. Remember, the nose design is an important feature because it accurately maintains the nail sink into your workpiece. Further, narrow tips ensure that the brad nailer reaches the most difficult or tight corners. And with this being said, the narrow tip brad nailers allow you a consecutive line of sight to place your nails precisely at the exact spot where you want to put them. 

Jam Release Mechanism

It does not matter how good a brad nailer you use for your carpentry needs. It may get jam after some time. When a nail may get stuck into the nose, and the brad nailer gets jam, you have to remove the jam instantly for spontaneous working. However, there are so many brad nailers available that barely get jammed. In some old brad nailers, you may have to loosen it with the help of a wrench and then remove the nail and release the jam. But this is not the case with modern brad nailers. You don’t need to do this hassle to use a wrench for removing the nails.

Get yourself a modern brad nailer with a jam release lever mechanism. Besides, the modern brad nailer has a tool-free jam release mechanism that allows you to remove the jammed nail by pushing a simple lever on the nailer. So this jam release lever mechanism is a must-have in your brad nailer. That will save you much time and make your task quite easy, so don’t choose a brad nailer which has to loosen by hands with the help of a wrench.

Locking Mechanism 

This is another important feature you should check for, which is essential to prevent the brad nailer’s dry firing of nails. Dry fire means pressing the trigger when there is no nail in the magazine. Keep in mind that dry fire can ruin your delicate material because many people opt for brad nailer because they have to deal with it. Dry fire will distort the material and the brad nailer itself. 

Additionally, always check the feature of the dry fire lockout mechanism. Various brad nailers come with this feature and get precise results without damaging your fine and delicate workpiece. With the dry fire lockout mechanism, the brad nailer detects that the magazine is empty and there is no nails present, so it will not fire until you refill the magazine with nails. 

Nailing Mode 

The ability to choose how you want to put the nail in your workpiece is one of the most impressive features present in some of the top brad nailers. Typically, there are two modes: 

Contact Nailing 

Sequential Nailing 

Contact Nailing: it is meant to increase productivity or enhance the speed of your work. It is also known as speed nailing. While the only thing you have to do is nailing by pulling or gripping the trigger, and every time you push the trigger, a nail is fired at your work material. You can do it as fast as you want, and brad is fired every single time.

Sequential Nailing

The second nailing mode is the sequential mode for firing nails. This mode is geared for your safety. To fire a nail through this mode, all you have to do is to compress the nose on the workplace or material, then push the trigger with tip or nose still compressed then a nail is fired. During a compressed nose, you cannot fire another nail even if you release and push the trigger again. And for firing another nail, you have to lift up the nailer from work material, recompress the tip or nose then another nail is fired. This is a little bit slower but much safer than the contact firing. It helps you to be safer while firing the nails.

Exhaust Air Control Valve

The pneumatic brad nailers are powered with compressed air from a specifically manufactured compressor. So when you press the trigger of the pneumatic brad nailer, the compressed air goes into the tool and drives the nails into the workpiece. Once the nail has fired, the air is not going to remain in the tool. It moves out from the exhaust port so you can fire the other nail. Besides, there should be an exhaust port for pushing out the air. Keep in mind that the exhaust port should be at the rear of the brad nailer, not at the nose or tip. So it’s a much have feature to check on. Moreover, it would be best to choose the brad nailer, which can control the direction for air coming out of the exhaust port. And with this being said, you can move it away from your face and get your work done correctly. 


Other than pneumatic brand nailers, cordless brad nailers are powered by a battery which is usually a lithium-ion battery. If you choose a cordless brad nailer, always keep an extra battery pack for working comfortably without any hassle. Additionally, you need to check the safety features because a brad nailer can severely injure you. If you don’t follow the safety features. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before dealing with any brad nailer.


  1. How to use a brad nailer with an air compressor?

Because a brad nailer is powered by compressed air with the help of a specially designed compressor, when you trigger the brad nailer, the compressed air goes into the tool, and the nail is fired. Once the nail is fired, the air goes out through the exhaust port so you can fire the other nail.

  1. What Is A Brad Nailer?

A brad nailer is used for flushing nails on the delicate fine workpiece. The use of brad nailers is preferred by woodworkers and carpenters for the installation of casings and setting up the base that trims up to 3/8 inches thick. Further, they shoot 18-gauge brad nails, or you may call them small nails with the help of a powered nail gun. 

  1. What Is A Brad Nailer Used For?

A brad nailer is usually used for the delicate material, so it is a light-duty tool. It is typically used to add narrow decorative molding to the plain panels or install wood trim. This tool is useful for making bat boxes and birdhouses. A brad nailer is also used for light framing work.

  1. Why Use A Brad Nailer? 

There are many benefits to using a brad nailer. Here we enlisted a few for your consideration. 

  • It engages slide release
  • For accuracy
  • It gives you precision during operations 
  • Enjoy cleanliness of operations and ease at the same time 
  1. Whats the difference between a brad nailer and a finish nailer?

Choosing finish nails for your project if you need a sturdy one is a smart choice. Finish nails and brads are better for thick wood and thinner wood, respectively. These 18-gauge nails are designed for woodworking that requires greater delicacy. They can be purchased individually or as collated strips.

  1. What is an 18 gauge brad nailer for?

Depending on the model, the 18-gauge brad nailer fires thin nails of 3/8″ to 2″ in length. Their small heads allow them to leave a smaller hole, making thinner wood more difficult to split. This type of nailer is ideal for attaching casing to door and window jambs since the connections are less likely to blow out.

  1. Can I use a brad nailer for baseboards?

Occasionally, a finishing nailer may be better than a brad nailer attaching baseboards to walls. The brad nail is smaller and thinner, thus suitable for attaching delicate trim. For long and tall pieces of a baseboard, finish nails are usually the better choice because they’re thicker and grip better.

Our Recommendations

Our top one is the Top Brad Nailer Bostitch BTFP 12233 Pneumatic Brad Nailer, which offers you an effective operation. This model is an ideal choice for both professionals and hobbyists. At the second spot, we have the Best Brad Nailer Makita AF506 2 Brad Nailer it has top quality features and allows you to have the best precise results. Our Best budget Brad Nailer Wen Pneumatic Brad Nailer ( 61721) is a professional machine at a very reasonable price. It has all the important components that should be present in any brad nailer.


Choosing the best possible solution among the list of best brad nailers might turn out to be an easy task. As we have mentioned, all the best nailers are currently available in the market. These products’ main features are the perfect depth adjustments, anti-jaming features, exhaust air controlling features, nailing modes, and ergonomic design features. With this, you will be able to understand better what to look for a perfect tool for woodworking. 


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