Impressive Solution On How To Load Brads In A Stanley Staple Gun

Staple guns are inexpensive tools for completing lighter jobs at home. Now you can attach paper, cork a board, along with a variety of projects. For those who like to use them and don’t know anything about them, how to load brads in a Stanley Staple Gun. We bring a simple guide that will allow them to better understand the tool and the tasks they can perform using them. 

For this reason, we prefer to use an electric staple gun. And we love the features and specifications being offered by the Stanley TRE550 Electric Stapler. It offers a simple process and allows users to enjoy operations with no fuss for newbies and professionals at the same time. This tool is known as a two-in-one gun. It uses heavy-duty staples. The exact measurement for its nails is 1/2-inch, 9/16-inch, or 5/8-inch brads. 

How To Load Brads In A Stanley Staple Gun In Simple Steps

Let us start the process of loading brads into a staple gun. Although the process is very simple and easy to understand for beginners. But some safety precautions need to be taken care of in the first place. Let’s start the process of How To Load Brads In A Stanley Staple Gun.

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Step 01:

The first step you need to perform is to unplug the device. The device is not attached to the electrical socket. It prevents accidental discharge of brads. After that, move the trigger lock into the locked position. It prevents the sliding of brads. Normally the lock of the stapler gun is located on the right side of the gun.

Step 02: 

Turn the stapler gun upside down while keeping the front of the stapler facing down. Now you need to grasp the bottom side of your stapler gun with one hand. Pull it up to open the loading compartment where you can load the staples and brad into the staple gun. 

Step 03:

Now comes the crucial part of this exercise. Tilt your stapler towards you, slightly angling it to load the brads into the loading compartment of the staple gun. 

Step 04: 

Now put the set of brads into the compartment and ensure they face upward. There is another thing you need to consider while placing brads into the compartment is to keep an eye on the brads so that they all slide to the front wall. 

Step 05: 

There are times when the brads don’t slide to their position. In this case, you need to tilt the gun in the opposite direction so that the brads reach their destination. 

Step 06: 

Now that we have loaded the brads into the staple gun, you need to slowly release the bottom of your staple gun. At this point, you need to close the loading compartment of your staple gun. 

Step 07: 

Ensure that brads do not fall over on the right or left side while performing this task. With this being said, this marks the end of the process for loading bards into the staple gun for you. 

Last step:

Your Stanley TRE550 Electric Stapler is ready to serve you. plug the device into electricity and check the working of your stapler by firing a single shoot that lets you know your staple is ready to serve you again. 

Size of Staple Pins

There is a wide range of staples available in the market. But most widely used staple pins for home and DIY projects are from ¼ or 6mm, 5/16 8mm, 3/8 10mm, ½ 12mm, and 9/16 14mm staple sizes are available and are being used in a staple gun. The brad nails loaded on these staple guns are ½ 12mm, 5/8 15mm.

Tips That Need To Be Taken Into Consideration 

Here are some pro tips for operators that need to be taken care of while operating these staple guns. You need to have long-sized staples for heavier-duty jobs. After loading staples or brads into the gun, the release mechanism does not come into place. Then it means you have loaded too many staples into the tool. For this reason, you need to remove staples so that the hatch is properly closed. And in the end, keep this tool away from the reach of the children. This tool possesses attributes that can harm if used unwisely. 



All those who find themselves in difficult situations regarding How To Load Brads In A Stanley Staple Gun. Here is a seamless solution that ensures a safe and easy approach to reaching the goal. You need to read the instructions and pro tips before operating your stapler so that you may be able to avoid any unseen harmful events from happening. 

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