Best Router Circle Jig 2023 – Buying Guide

For making woodworking fun and easy, routers have been used for quite some time. When it comes to minimizing the imperfections and making perfect variable size holes in your woodworks. Best router Circle Jig offers precise and accurate results for precision-based circle cuts for this circle. While working in the workshop with wood, we intend to make a lot of shapes that require a specialized tool.

Best Wood Circle Cutting Jig allows the users to make various shapes and enable finishing woodworking projects. With this being said, there are a lot of options available, and selecting the best option is a task that requires time and budget. We have managed to experiment with a lot of options for you and, due to this being able to bring out the best possible solution for all of you. 

We Have Reviewed Best Router Circle Jig

1. Jasper 200J Circle Cutting Jig (Best Circle Cutting Jig under $50)

Jasper 200J Circle Cutting Jig - Best Circle Cutting Jig under $50


  • 256 different circle shapes can be cut.
  • Pre-drilled holes ensure a hassle-free installation. 
  • The perfect tool for creating flawless speaker cuts.
  • A wide variety of plunge router models can be easily set up.

The first product that we have selected is the 200J Model from Jasper. And there is no difference from other top-rated products. Jasper tools are simply the best when it comes to simplicity, operations, and maneuverability. You can cut perfect round shapes with your plunge router every single time with it since it’s precisely designed. As far as router circle jigs go, they can easily be considered the best.

We have selected this Jasper in the first place due to the features and specifications it comes with. These attributes make the best option for everyone out there searching for the best circle jigs. In addition, we have selected two of these Jigs from Jasper due to the nature of services and attributes with which they come. 

You can enjoy precision holes drilling in the pivot points from Jasper’s Best Circle Jig For Router model. Thus, the pins will remain firmly in the selected spots. Further, this feature of your circle cutting jog prevents shaking or any further movement during the cutting process, allowing you to enjoy more accurate cuttings. Approximately 256 different sizes of cut-outs are available for the users to operate. 

The overall diameters range from 2-1/4 to 18-3/16 inches, which is pretty impressive. This makes it an extremely versatile product as well. This extremely versatile cutting jig is perfect for operations for any plunge router. 

You can enjoy operating 19 different router models with this cutting jig for diverse router models. Further, mounting of router comes with ease. The Jig comes calibrated to work with 1/4-inch router bits, so no calibration is necessary. This circular cutting jig is undoubtedly an excellent choice due to its durability, versatility, and precision performance.


  • Enjoy seamless operations with this accurate tool 
  • The ease of operations will amaze you while operating
  • A simple tool that you enjoy having
  • It is designed to secure your backing board


  • This tool is not compatible with Matika RT0701C routers

2. Rockler Circle Cutting Router JigBest Rockler Circle Jig

Rockler Circle Cutting Router Jig - Best Rockler Circle Jig


  • It can cut circles of 10 inches to 52 inches
  • There is an easy adjustment for the gliding area
  • A tough circle jig 
  • It has a long-lasting phenolic core
  • Two Center Pivot Pins
  • A T-bolt with a 4-star tightening knob

This is the second circular Jig on our list, as you have read about the Jasper 200J, which we have selected on the basis of its operations and the price tag attached to it. Now coming on to this Rockler Jig, Best Router For Worktop Jig, and for that, we have pointed this Jig to be your ultimate choice when you have in mind the durability and robustness. 

Rockler. It has a design that offers simple operations and mechanisms. The Jig provides a seamless solution for all works to be operated, making it the most destined routing jig. A phenolic core makes this Jig durable, robust, and sturdy during operations. 

And this is a trait that is very much liked and most favored among the workers when selecting a router jig. In addition, the Jig can with stand the pressure on diverse projects, especially if you’re working with heavy-duty logs. Due to its simple design features, the operational ease, comfort, and ease in operating these jigs are the critical aspects deemed necessary by operators. 

In addition, to its attributes, the durability of the product is due to its core that comprises of a phenolic which makes it a perfect match for the diverse operations. On the contrary, connecting this router jig to your router and adjusting it according to the table is not a big deal.   

While operating this Jig, you can enjoy a perfect circle cut of diameters 10 – 52 inches. And for this reason, these jigs come with the arced circles that make operations peace of mind. This router jig’s simple to operate procedure is due to its ability to operate with a wide range of routers leading the market. For the best results, you need to use this router on the table so that the circle comes with perfect measurements and dimensions. 


  • This is a simple to use tool for working
  • It boasts simple design features and adaptability
  • The shelf life for products enhanced with this tool
  • It comes with a long-lasting and robust construction material


  • This cutting jig is not suitable for high-precision working environments. 

3. Milescraft 1219 Router Circle Cutting Jig

Milescraft 1219 Router Circle Cutting Jig


  • A Built-in metric scale system
  • The perfect tool for both small and large circle cutting Jig 
  • Offset base offers a whooping 13” base for seamless operations 
  • The overall setting up processes are easy

Coming onto the third Jig of the list, we have selected this Jig because of its ability to provide you with a wide range of cutting circles. The dimensions these Jig offers are unparallel to all others that we have witnessed and experimented within a brief time. If small and large cutting circles are in your mind simultaneously, we bring you the best router circle cutting jig option. 

With a turn and lock circle guide head, you can have both small and large circle jigs offering you the perfect cutting results. In addition, to the operational results, this Jig also provides an offset base that gives you additional stability and finishing touches. 

The operations for this Jig allow you to have perfect small and large circle cuts. The only thing that makes it the best option for operations for all DIY and professional catering jobs is its ability to cut. The bit depth, diameter cut, and attaching the router are the three simple steps requiring you to provide your input. 

If you are looking for offset stability from your router jig, then here is a feature that will make you consider this piece of perfection for your workshop. And with this thing being said, now you can enjoy 13” of the base that has a dedicated operation for providing you with the stability you require. 

Above all, you can even enjoy the features of being accurate and easy to install and operate simultaneously. In addition, this Jig is a perfect match to a wide range of routers that are being used nowadays. 

It is a fast, circular jig that offers the base of the router to adjust with its base in a matter of seconds, thus reducing the overall preparation time for the Jig to start working on your projects. And due to these features we can say this is the Best Router For Cutting Circles. 


  • A perfect tool to be working on both hardwood and plywood
  • Splendid technology for making perfect attachments is introduced in this router jig
  • For ideal handling, handle knobs offers an oversized structure for a firm grip 
  • There are wide attachment and cutting ranges that both come with this router jig
  • The setting up operations of this Jig are simple and straightforward for everyone


  • Compatibility issues are reported with different routers
  • The plastic that is being used in the construction wears out

4. Powertec 71212 Circle Cutting JigBest Large Circle Cutting Jig


  • This Jig comes with the melamine coating 
  • It offers 7-layer plywood for additional durability 
  • Different shapes and circles are possible

Here is another splendid Jig that offers a perfect working experience if you are in search of a large circular jig. This jig is destined to provide you with the large circles that no other circular jig has ever brought to you. And above all, you can be sure of the measurements being exact and perfect. Then there is one ultimate product that can serve your needs. 

Powertec 71212 cutting Jig is the Best Router Bit For Circle Cutting that offers everything when you need to enjoy a perfect circular shape. In addition, you can enjoy precise diameters for your circle thanks to its recessed groove. This Jig from the POWERTEC 71637 offers perfect applications for making center holes and common holes. 

This application is due to its two center pins, which is the primary aspect that one considers while making it the tool for his or her workshop. Moreover, the overall construction of this Jig is made from acrylic, which is known for its attributes of being a lightweight material. 

When it comes to the widespread application of this Jig, you can enjoy seamless operations that boast a highly adaptable and easy-to-operate circular Jig with versatility. Moreover, you can enjoy cutting the perfect shapes with minimum effort. And your creativity must be admired by others after seeing the output. 

In the end, we want to bring to your notice that the overall range of this Jig that it offers to its operatives is from 10 – 53”. This makes it the ultimate choice for all those who intend to have a professional-grade circular Jig for their operations. Above all, you can enjoy different routers attachments with this router jig as this is a perfectly compatible Jig for smooth operations. 


  • This Jig offers a broad spectrum of shapes
  • Enjoy operations with two center pins
  • A wide range of routers are compatible with operations
  • This Jig is easy to assemble and operate at the same time
  • A perfect match for circle making


  • There are reports of durability issues with the product 
  • The plastic body may get hit if applied force 

5. Jasper 400J Circle Cutting JigBest Budget Circular Jig


  • The best budget Jig on the list 
  • Ability to cut precise speaker holes 
  • A highly durable Jig 

In the end, we brought you a product that will ensure that you should remain within the budget that you have already set in your mind. This best budget circular Jig for your router comes from the Top Jig company in the market. We have previously entered another variant in the article on the basis of its attributes, and this is the second product that has been made into the list. 

In the review section, we would like to start with the pre-drilled section of these Jigs that allow the users to have ease in mounting the routers for a smooth and flawless cutting. The construction material used in making this Jig is acrylic, thick and highly durable material for providing robust features during operations. 

The previous product from Jasper also boasts the same features, which means Jasper is concerned with providing its customers with high-quality products. In addition, this Jig offers another splendid feature of pre-drilled holes that makes it a more compatible and highly enduring product for your routers. 

Now coming on to the feature of making holes in your woods. Now you can have precisely small circles of 120 different sizes, making it the Best Router Circle Jig and a diverse cutting Jig for a wide variety of routers. Further, this Jig offers a carrying tube for the workers to store their pins and screws in it. 


  • This is an awesome, easy to operate, and accurate Jig for all your operations
  • The company offers a splendid customer care services
  • It provides consistency during operations
  • This Jig is highly portable and easy to operate


  • There are some reports of it being somewhat delicate
  • If you put too much pressure on plastic, it wears out


Our Recommendation

Here is the recommendations section for the Best Router Circle Jig. We have managed to bring the three best options for you according to the extensive research and operations. In addition, we tried them over the course of time, and these Jigs put up the best results for us. That makes us recommend these Jigs for you to consider whenever you want to replace or purchase your circle Jig for your wood workshop. 
Milescraft 1219 Router Circle Cutting Jig – Best Router Circle Cutting Jig
For being the best available option from a wide range of Jigs. 
2. Powertec 71212 Circle Cutting Jig – Best Large Circle Cutting Jig
For being the best result-oriented Jigs for cutting seamless wooden shapes. 
Jasper 400J Circle Cutting Jig – Best Budget Circular Jig
For being the best budget circle, Jig is available on the list for those who have a budget in their mind. 


This article is for the Best Router Circle Jigs to consider in your workshops. We have tried our best to bring out the most features aspects of the products that we have managed to pull out of the dozen tested. These tools boast some of the best features for offering unique additions and essential aspects deemed necessary during operations.  

Using these tools, you can now make the best-featured products for your clients and even enjoy your DIY projects that bore the best results and look in the end. In the end, you need not consider changing your router as these Jigs are compatible with almost all the routers prevailing in the market for woodworkers. We hope you have liked our article on these 07 best router circle jigs for your routers. 


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