How To Make Wooden Signs With A Router 2023

The aesthetics and the appeal these wooden signs create are something that can not be described in words. Many people like to have these wooden signs at their homes to look perfectly enchanting.

How to make wooden signs with a router?

Making the perfect wooden sign is not accessible if you don’t have the proper tools. Routers are a versatile tool that is being used in doing woodworks. With the help of these tools, you would be able to perform a lot of tasks that would allow you to get the perfect desired results. In this article, I will lead you through making an ideal wooden sign for your house, boathouse, and lodges.

Using The Perfect Router

The following steps will show you how to make a wood sign for your relatives, friends, or yourself with little more than a router, wood, and a few standard tools. You can also sell them at crafts shows if you are a professional. How can we accomplish this task using routers? Through using routers to embellish wooden signs and make them look more professional. You can make unique and distinctive designs for your property by following this simple process.

Thing You Require

Here is a list of things you require in designing your wooden signs with the help of a router.

  • Pencil
  • Router
  • Safety glasses
  • V-groove router bit
  • Carbon paper
  • Grip Pad

How To Make Wooden Signs With A Router

Routers are considered the perfect tool for notching and making perfect wooden signs. Now you can make perfect wood signs that would allow you to have the ideal signs that look fabulously cool and dynamic upon seeing.

Plan Your Project

Wooden signs require a lot of planning, just like any other project. Choosing the right wooden sign for your needs can be achieved with the correct and proper planning. To develop the best wooden sign design, you should first figure out which type and size of board you need. You need to consider the size of the letters carved into the wood.

An essential aspect of the wooden sign is its dimensions. In any case, your foremost concern must be the lettering’s size and style. No matter what size board you are using. They should not be too big or small, but neither should they be extra-large. Your board will be smaller the bigger your letters are. Depending on the letters you want to carve, you’ll always have to sacrifice a little bit of space or size.

Layout For Your Sign

It is time to draw out your wooden sign now that you have a picture of how it should look. The first step to making your sign is to cut it out. It is the best thing to do. And this can be done on a white piece of paper before you duplicate it. Additionally, it would be best if you had two papers. The exact shape will be cut out of one piece of paper. And the following paper is used to lay down the actual design of your idea.

Using a felt-tipped marker, you should first cover your white paper with tracing paper. Layout your image and text in full size on the second piece of paper. Ensure that all letters are placed precisely where you want them. And with this, the design you have in mind will be printed onto the exact wooden board.

Preparing Your Wooden Board

Once you are all set for printing the layout, the next step comes. Here, you will prepare your wooden board for the next stage to complete the task. Preparing your wooden board can be done in two ways. To begin with, you can either manufacture a wooden board using the correct dimensions, or you have the option of buying a finished board from the market.

Be sure to follow the correct dimensions, no matter what you do. Once the excess parts are trimmed, you are ready to assemble. Nothing is stopping you from tackling it. You may want to sand every rough edge until your final result is smooth and beautiful. However, if you want a smooth finish.

Drawing the letters

Making wooden signs with a router is one of the most challenging tasks. However, you need not worry. In order to accomplish this, you have two different options. It is possible to use a computer or pen and paper to draw the letters. In the first case, efficiency is the goal, while the goal is the aesthetic appeal in the second case. You have a choice of options based on your needs. Aside from avoiding a too-styled approach, ensuring that all information is gs on the wood is vital.

In any case, you will notice some drawings on the wood as you mark the letters with your marker. To avoid long sanding sessions, keep the lines shallow. Getting the right font is necessary if you wish to sign your business. Aside from avoiding a too-styled approach, ensuring that all information is accurate is essential.

Start Routing

The simplest part of this task is routing on the wooden board. Besides being quick and easy, it’s also extremely enjoyable. Here are some things you can do to use your router easily. Moreover, making a proper plan in mind is another aspect you need to focus on. A perfect decided work pattern will lead you to finish the work with less effort and more results.

Stabilizing the Board

The wooden board must first be placed on the workbench. The board should be appropriately placed. Additionally, it should be very stable. To prevent the wooden board from sliding or even slipping, use a rubber pad beneath it. Clamping your wooden board down on the benchtop table will ensure you have a stable board.

Router Bits

Next, keep in mind that you need a router bit. When working with a router bit, you should choose a drill bit with a V groove, a round nose, or a square end. As you plunge the V groove bit and rounded bit into the wood, remember that they are effortless to control. However, if you want to go down with a finished appearance, you will need to choose the bit accordingly.

Both plunging and cutting are more accessible with these router bits. The wood will burn if it is cut too deep, resulting in difficulty guiding it. This behavior is caused by dull bits. Buy a quality carbide bit and test it on a piece of scrap. This can be accomplished with less effort with the plunge router than a fixed one. You will need to grab the router with both hands and touch the table surface with your forearms.

Cutt the wood sign

You need to curve the wood once you have set it up. The best results must be achieved. Never dive deeper than 1/4 inch or even 3/8 inch to attain these results; instead, limit your depth to 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch. You will have a challenging time grinding if you go beyond the depths I’ve mentioned here. Additionally, you may experience some burn marks. And the time spent on grinding the wood doubles. The depth of the wood is the only thing that matters. And not the wood type. All you have to do is have the perfect size of wooden blocks that would allow you to enjoy perfect wooden signs. Furthermore, you can also use Water-proof plywood, Redwood, and Cedarwood for this project. They will enable you to have better results within no time.

Finishing Touches

You can now give your wooden sign the finish you desire once the routing has been done. The ideas you can come up with under this step are limitless. You can choose either a styled or a sloppy painting if you intend to paint and achieve the best results. It is going to be necessary to sand later those parts that you do not need if you decide to go with the sloppy painting touch. But you can also paint everything you require in detail. You can also varnish everything. In my personal life, I enjoy applying varnish or paint.


Here in the conclusion section, we hope that we have provided you with all the related information that would allow you to get better results for How To Make Wooden Signs With A Router. We have managed a step-by-step guide that would allow you to have the perfect experience while making your wooden signs with the help of a router. In addition, we have managed to bring you the best routers that would allow you to work seamlessly on your woodworks.


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