The Best 3HP Router For A Perfect Woodwork (Tested)

Thinking of the best 3HP router for your jobs done. These 3- to 3-1/4-hp class routers are the Most Recommended Routers for domestic usage. They are known to have the most powerful motors one can purchase for their domestic requirements. If you push for further, you might end up disappointed because, for more power routers, your standard residential circuits won’t support them. 

There are three types of routers: fixed-base routers and plunge routers, as they are the most versatile and, in the end, multi-purpose routers. These routers offer ease of operations along with electronic speed control and variable speed options. Apart from these features, one must look for additional features of smoothness and accuracy. Here is the list of the 3HP routers that we have finalized as the Best 3 Hp Router Reviews for you. 


BOSCH 1617EVS Electronic Fixed-Base Router

BOSCH 1617EVS Fixed-Base Router

  • Power Source: ‎Corded-electric
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Wattage: ‎1400 watts
  • Item Weight: 11 pounds
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DeWalt DW625 Plunge Router

DEWALT DW616 Fixed Base Router

  • Power Source: Corded
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Amperage: 15 amps
  • Item Weight: ‎0.352 ounces
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Makita RP2301FC Plunge Router

Makita RP2301FC Plunge Router

  • Power Source: Hand Powered
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Item Weight: 14 pounds
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BOSCH 1617EVS Electronic Fixed-Base Router

Most Recommended Router

  • Constant speed controlling options
  • A variable speed router that offers 8,000 to 25,000 RPMs
  • It provides thru-table bit height adjustment features 
  • Cool beechwood knobs for overall stability and robustness

Being a professional woodworker, if you intend to look for a low price top-performing router, then look at this. A perfect hand-held router covers almost all features you will have in a 3-1/2 inch router. It is a durable router with aluminum construction along with perfect handling features, making it an easy-to-operate router for a job done. 

The power of the router comes from the 12 AMP motor that offers 8,000-25,000 RPMs. More to add is that it offers a variable speed option for the users to adjust the speed according to the working conditions. 

The convenience of the router allows the users to enjoy accurate and cleaner results thanks to its variable speed option that perfectly cuts for you. It is due to its built-in constant response circuitry. 

This 1617EVS offers a microfine bit-depth adjustment that offers maximum control and ease of operations. Hardwood handles enable the users to have a perfect working environment making them the Best 3HP Router.

  • This router is capable of providing variable speed
  • It has an electronic speed compensation
  • A perfect option for those who are opting for an interchangeable base router 
  • A reliable and long-lasting option for serious users 
  • It is a router for those who wish to have an accurate router for a job done
  • The router cannot maintain constant power
  • It offers a highly fragile sub base 
  • Sometimes it makes you feel like it is underpowered

Makita RP2301FC Plunge Router

Best 3-1/4 Hp Router For Table Mounting

  • in operations, it comes with ergonomic rubberized handles
  • It comes with a sizA powerful 15 AMP motor to run the router 
  • A variable speed router with 9,000 – 22,000 RPMs
  • For convenience eable two-finger switch for extended usage

The second router on our list is from Makita, a plunge router, as mentioned in the name. The end users will enjoy variable speed options with power and smoothness during operations. The router’s features are similar to the previously mentioned Bosch apart from the motor. Further, enjoy a soft start for smooth start-ups and increased productivity.

Now let us share the salient features that you as a consumer will love. We already know this is a plunge router that comprises actual plunge depth, providing you with the perfect quality and control. Another feature that it offers is its plunge look which is located at a location that can easily be accessed during operations. As it was missing in the previous router. 

This router has the Best 3-1/4 Hp Router Motor capable of producing 9,000 – 22,000 RPMs, slightly lower than that of the BOSCH 1617EVS, which we previously discussed. It offers a soft start feature that ensures smoothness during start-ups. In addition, this router offers an electric braking system that increases operations productivity.

  • Yet variable speed control features come with it 
  • It offers a soft start feature 
  • This router is gentle on the wrists
  • The electronic brake adds more control for the router  
  • Enjoy smooth operations during operations 
  • The guide to operations is missing 
  • Turning your router on and off is quite tricky
  • The on-Off button is covered 

Triton TRA001 HP Plunge Router

Best 3 Hp Wood Router

  • Single button switch mode
  • Enjoy rack and pinion mode during operations 
  • It comes with an automatic spindle lock
  • This router offers a soft start 
  • Enjoy variable speed options

Here we have the plunge router, a dual-mode router for all kinds of jobs that fits artisans, DIY projectors, and contractors. A perfectly easy-to-use and assembled router with a powerful motor capable of providing you with 8000 -21000 RPMs. Further, you love to have 3-stage cutting depths, which can transform from a fixed base router to a plunge router. 

The most cherished feature of the plunge router is its soft start. You can start from a low speed and advance to higher speed levels if you deem it fit for the job. With this feature, the mistake chances are reduced to a minimum. In addition, there is a micro winder. This feature enables the router to have continuous fine depth adjustments. 

Another feature of the router is its safety switch. A multi-function fence enables the excellent controlling feature for hand-held tasks. Thus you can even have a perfect circle cutting with your plunge router. There is a removable plunger spring installed on your router to let you enjoy easy bit adjustments. 

In the end, it provides seamless protection from the cut zone. Thanks to its fully enclosed guarding that offer protection during working. The side vents of the router reduce the chances of dust entering the motor casing. Thus letting you enjoy your router for an extended period of usage. 

  • The speed of the router fits all cutter types 
  • It offers fine depth adjustment
  • This router offers complete control over RPMs
  • A powerful router for various kinds of jobs
  • It has poor options for dust collection 
  • Issues with its power cord sticking

Hitachi M12V2 Plunge Router

Best 3 Hp Plunge Router

  • The router comes with additional accessories 
  • It is a heavy-duty router thanks to its motor
  • Enjoy unbelievable smoothness and effortless working conditions
  • Splendid depth adjustment features 

This Hitachi M12V2 plunge router offers a variable-speed motor with soft-start technology. These features of the router let the users enjoy smooth handling and cutting. It is the updated version of M12V routers. The user ability and the performance features of the router have been increased, making it an ideal router for chamfering, trimming, cutting, and shaping. 

Starting with the motor of the router. It comes with a powerful 15 Amp motor. This motor tends to deliver top-notch cutting ability at variable speed options. Enjoy a powerful motor that delivers 8,000- 22,000 RPMs at any work time. Now you need to worry about working on diverse woodwork as you have the power in your hand to let you complete any task efficiently making them the Best 3HP Router. 

The design of the motor enables the router to reduce torque during start. Further, it functions as a soft start motor that can produce 3-1/4 HP without any issue. The ease of operating the router includes an electronic variable speed dial. Using the router on a broader range of materials. And in the end, you can easily convert this router into a table-use router without hassle. 

In addition, the safety features of the router create a lot of attraction due to the position of its variable speed dial. It is located on the handle so that the user can adjust the speed of the router without taking the attention off work. 

  • The speed dial for the router is marked
  • It is an affordable router for diverse woodworking
  • This router offers plenty of power for the completion of tasks
  • A smooth and quiet router for domestic operations
  • It is durable and easy to operate for newbies 
  • The size of the router seems big 
  • Its collets are overly tight for operating

DeWalt DW625 Plunge Router

Best 3 Hp Router For Table

  • The router is relatively easy to operate and adjust
  • A well-balanced routing tool 
  • It offers a clear bit of visibility
  • This router offers ease in hand-held routing

When woodworkers search for complete professional-grade quality and smooth operations, this DW625 plunge router is a perfect choice. A powerful tool for diverse operations, whether domestic, DIY or mid-commercial purposes. It derives its powers from its 3HP, 15 AMP motor capable of delivering results with precision and accuracy. 

Starting from its powerful full wave electronic variable speed motor, this router has some serious skills in delivering a soft start for its operation. Further, it has the capacity to deliver variable speeds ranging from 8,000 to 22,000 RPMs. Enjoy the same results with a variety of materials. 

Then comes other features that include a micro-fine depth adjuster, which integrates with a magnified scale to ensure fast, accurate, and precise depth results. There are no jerks whenever you operate the router at its full speed. 

The speed dial for the router marks increments from 1 to 5. It allows the users to set the router’s speed according to their needs and wants. Now coming onto its spindle-lock button, which is located and looks like a big square button that works perfectly for your finger depression. 

The visibility while working with this router offers perfect hand-held routing ability. Further, this router can operate with 1⁄4 “and 1⁄2 “. But one more thing you must remember is that you cannot operate with them both. For using 1⁄2,” you need to remove the 1⁄4 ” collet from its nut, install these collets, and then you will be able to use them.

  • A sheer powerful router for the perfect woodworking experience 
  • Variable speed settings ensure a complete hassle-free working environment 
  • It offers a stable platform for a smooth start
  • Flawless operations
  • Issues with its power switch
  • The router sometimes ceases to operate


Our Verdict

We bring you the Best 3HP Routers that are reliable, smooth, and accurate for completing your jobs. The routers were hand-picked due to their abilities and attributes we tested while completing our research. These routers are capable of providing you with a variable speed soft start. They can easily be turned into a fixed base router.If you ask us to recommend any two of the routers from the list, it would be a challenging task for us. They all are perfect for providing the users with great features. In our recommendations, the best 3Hp Router is BOSCH 1617EVS Electronic Fixed-Base Router. And if you ask for the best budget router, we would love to recommend Hitachi M12V2 Plunge Router.

My name is Johnathan James, and I have a lifelong passion for woodworking. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking, which has further reinforced my knowledge and skills in these fields. I have gained considerable experience in the woodworking industry through my employment with a woodworking company. As a result, I am well-versed in a diverse range of specialized equipment, including but not limited to wood routers, router table, table saws, track saws, and chainsaws.

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