How To Load Brad Nailer In A Simple Way To Avoid Accidents

So you have bought a brad nailer for the very first time, and now you have loaded the nails into your brad nailer. But in reality, you don’t have any idea about how to load brad nailer? Before you end up doing anything stupid, here is a 3-minute guide that covers all the essentials one needs. There is always a need to be more understanding of the tools you are going to operate. There are users that end up doing fancy things with brad nailers.

Well, let me mention that brad nailers are the essential tool for every garage. For all those newbies, you need to see if you are holding a pneumatic or electric brad nailer in your hand. The process remains the same, but the techniques for operating them are different.

A Simple Process On How To Load A Nail Gun Easily

For those who are not familiar with the process of how to load brad nailer. An ultimate step-by-step guide for users to ensure successful completion of the task. Starting from

stuck are broken during transit or when the nailer is in use. Moreover, never ever try to load the nailer with additional nails. This might end up sticking the nails in the nailer. Or let your machine jammed.

1. Disconnection Of Power Supply 

When you load your brad nailer for the very first time. There are things that one must consider. Among them, the first thing one must do is disconnect the power supply of the gun. This is for those who are using electric brad guns. And those who operate a pneumatic brad nailer must push the stop button for the gun from idle operations.

2. Nail Magzine 

Now you need to open the nail magazine. You can do that by pressing a button beneath the magazine. It is also called a quick-release latch. Upon pressing the release button, the lock is open, and the magazine of the nailer slides out.

3. Nail Size

The most crucial aspect of the step is to ensure the size of the nail matches the size of your brad nailer. The majority of the users operate brad nailers with an 18-gauge nail. They are also known as collated nails, or you may even call them to stick nails.

4. Loading 

In this fourth process step, you need to load your stick nails into the magazine. You need to have this thing in mind: you need to load the units in a complete set. The nails are stuck with each other, so you have to load the complete lot. 

The nails that are stuck are broken during transit or when the nailer is in use. Moreover, never ever try to load the nailer with additional nails. This might end up sticking the nails in the nailer. Or let your machine jammed.

5. Remove Jamming 

There are times when a jam occurs. Although there are several options out there to remove that. But the most convenient way of removing the jam is to use the flip-top nose of your nailer. This nose is situated right behind the point of the gun. 

This way, you will be able to clearly access the situation you are stuck in. And pave a way to get out of it immediately to continue your work.

6. Pointing Of Nail 

At this point, we are turning our focus on pointing the nail away from the tip of the brad nailer. The user needs to install the nails into the magazine with its front into the magazine. If you do that inversely, you won’t be able to fire a single nail out of your gun. The reason nails are pointed backward. 

Almost all bard nailer magazines are self-accelerating equipment. They offer a window for the users to clearly understand how many nails they have in the magazine. In addition, this feature will give the user a better understanding of how many nails and the time for the user to load nails into the gun.

7. Closing The Magazine

In the last step, you must slide the magazine back into your brad gun. Upon closing, you will hear a quick-release voice that ensures your magazine gets locked. And it is ready to operate with the same performance as always. 

With this beings said, you have completed loading your nail gun. Congratulations!

8. Safety First: 5 Eye-Opening Problems You Could Face

Here are 6 eye-opening problems that need to be considered to ensure the safety of users. Who is facing issues in How To Load Brad Nailer? 

  • Safety glasses 
  • Your brad nailer is turned off 
  • Reading manual guide before operating any equipment
  • Always know the exact position of your gun magazine 
  • Positioning your gun is crucial 

9. Safety Glasses 

It is for the safety of users to wear safety glasses before starting any work with your brad nailer. These glasses will cover your eyes and keep you safe from any flying nail in case your gun misfires. In case you forget to wear the glasses, there are chances that you might end up harming yourself. 

Your Brad Nailer Is Turned Off 

The best practice for the workers is to turn off any electric or harmful equipment right after operating. So it is a good habit to turn your gun off right before you make up your mind to load nails into your gun. 

Reading Manual Guide Before Operating Any Equipment

Users are instructed to read operating manuals for any equipment for a better option. If you are new or operating your nailer gun for the first time, you need to read the user manual in detail. This will allow you to better understand what and how to operate your brad nailer. Furthermore, the instructions manual clearly states the type and the size of nailers and the position of the magazine in the gun. 

2. Always Know The Exact Position Of Your Gun Magazine 

Attention to detail must be given to all the essential operations and workings of your brad nailers. This will allow you to operate operations smoothly with your equipment. In addition, the user must have a clear idea of where the magazine of the nailer is. And how to load nails into your nailer magazines. 

3. Positioning Of Your Gun Is Crucial 

In the last step, positioning of the gun is crucial, and the perfect position is upside down. Before loading your gun, you need to position the gun towards the ground. In case of the gun misfires, the nail is directed toward the floor. And no one is harmed. Moreover, almost every gun comes with a magazine located under the gun. Pointing toward the ground is not a difficult thing to do. 


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