How To Install Router Bit (Six Steps)

It is no doubt a complex situation that requires techniques and expertise. There is no one answer to fit one size as your router bit. The installation process for router bits can vary depending on the router bit and your router model. Due to this reason, many have asked: how to install router bit when you have different router models. 

However, the installation process for router bits involves attaching the router bit to the router’s collet and then tightening the collet nut to secure the bit in place. A router’s collet is a small, cylindrical piece that fits inside the router’s collet housing and helps the router bit grip the workpiece.

How To Install Router Bit – Complete Process 

It might seem like tightening a router bit is a no-brainer. But there are chances that you could get it wrong if you’re not careful. And this would lead to a situation where your router bits spinning at about 50,000 RPM spins right out of your tool. 

It is not a good scenario for any of the woodworkers. For this reason, we provide a complete guide on installing router bits in your router. 

To start with the process of installing the router bits, you can use any router. There is one thing that you as a professional should keep in mind installing the router bits into the router have the same simple process. 

Furthermore, there are a few aspects of setting up the router that you need to consider right before starting to install these bits. Just check your router’s instruction manual in the first place and, of course, have the router unplugged for your safety.

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First step

In the first step, while setting up your router, you first need to get familiar with the parts that include bits and the router collet. The bit fits into a collet. Describing a collet, it’s a kind of drill chuck, and it’s attached to the motor shaft of your router. 

Second Step 

Before installing the bit into the collet, you need to ensure there’s no debris in the collet or the shaft of your router. Because if there is some debris left, it will create friction and lowers the performance of your router. 

Third step

Then comes the steps for installing the bit. All you have to do is just insert the bit all the way into the collet. After checking for the debris, you can insert the bit shank all the way into the collet. Then it would be best if you pulled it back out about an eighth to a quarter inch. In this way, your bit is not bottomed out. 

Fourth step

In the fourth step, you need to tighten the bit of your router. It can be done with the help of a spindle lock. You might have noticed that it comes with a router. It will keep the shaft from turning. Some routers will use two wrenches instead. 

Fifth Step

You can put the router body back into the base with the bit installed. For safety reasons, you can also check the bit in the router with the help of your finger. So that you can finger-tight them and ensure they are intact to avoid any unnecessary incident. 

Final Step

Underneath the router, a handle will allow the users to lock this bit into place. Further, it will prevent from moving or vibrating. On the safety side, you need to move up and down your bit after installing it so that there is nothing there that creates hindrance. You are required to shake it a little and make sure that it’s nice and tight. 

Then you need to set your cutting depth. And you are all set and ready to route your wood according to your specifications. 

Happy Woodworking!

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