Elevate Your Router Game: Best Router Lift Kits for Woodworkers

A router is an essential part of their daily routine for all working with wood. With these routers, wood makers ensure perfection, the precision of work, and modelling profiles in a seamless manner. Changing the router bits above the table and adjusting the height of the router is quite frustrating sometimes. And using the router lift is a solution to your problem, which means you can adjust the position of your router and change your bits easily. These router lifts allow you to achieve precise results.

Router lift is an attachment that holds the router on the mounting plate of a router table. The best router lift allows you to adjust the table’s height from the top rather than beneath, and the users can change the bit without removing the table. Routing lifts are basically router-table mounting plates with carriages for holding routers attached. The carriage is raised and lowered with incredible precision using a removable crank handle inserted into the mounting plate.

If you want to enjoy the routing table’s stability, make sure you have the perfect router lift. With these lifts, you can attach a variable-speed router rated at 3.5 horsepower that won’t be beaten for convenience, power, and accuracy. It measures the height change in 1/64-inch increments. Further, some dials are integrated into the plate and attached to the crank simultaneously. These router lifts allow you to mount the router upside down with superior precision and adjustment features. Selecting the best one is challenging because so many options are available, and you cannot find the best one for your requirements.

5 Best Router Lift For The Money

1. Woodpecker PRL-V2-414 Router LiftBest Woodpecker Router Lift

Woodpecker PRL-V2-414 Router Lift


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions:13x 10.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Item weight: 14.7 pounds
  • Model: PRL-V2-420
  • Brand: Woodpecker

Router lifts enable you to adjust bits with comfort, So Try Woodpecker PRL-V2-414, which is a precisely working tool that works adequately on the router table. It is built to provide you with years of excellent and trouble-free performance. Moreover, the best high-class performance enables you to perform all your tasks conveniently.


A bulletproofing lift mechanism offers an impressive array of time-saving features. This feature of router lift enhances basic router plate capabilities. Among others, the top of the plate features precision enhancing features. Further, a thumbwheel micro-adjuster makes bit height changes quick and easy, while an easy-to-read scale can be seen on the top. A patent-pending Quick-Lift wrench passes over the micro-adjustment mechanism, allowing you to raise the router collet above the table to use the wrench above it. This system has been designed to deliver trouble-free performance for many years.


This sturdy router is composed of strong aluminum construction, making it a highly durable router and lightweight. In addition, a set of 3 self-leveling Twist-Lock rings is included for installation on any table. Additionally, a single-piece motor is attached to the base for additional stability.

Setting up

To enjoy the perfect results for this PRL-V2-420 Router Lift. The plate size is a combination of smooth and thick, with a flat surface so you can do your work with great precision. There is an easy attachment; hence you can easily install it on the table. Moreover, aligning the router on the table is a completely easy process for setting up a cut. Further, this unit is solidly built and allows you a perfect fit on your Routing table. In addition, it comes with a perfect insert ring that is attached with a starting pin which seems decent.


  • A seamless crank handle that adjusts the height
  • Durable steel construction
  • A solid micro-adjustment thumbwheel
  • This is a quick lift with a single piece motor carriage


  • Some may find difficulty in the lifting mechanism
  • Micro adjustment wheel sometimes cause you to trouble

2. KREG PRS-500 Precision Router LiftBest Router Lift For Kreg Table

KREG PRS-500 Precision Router Lift


  • Material: Metal
  • Item dimension:  L x W x H:13x5x11x10.38inches
  • Item weight:10.75 pounds
  • Model: PRS5000
  • Brand: KREG

When you require a helpful router that offers the best features with a high-class performance. The router lift is the perfect choice for woodworkers who typically prefer easy installation on the router table. Additionally, the router life plate is made up of aluminum, providing durability and sturdiness.


As the adjusting crank turns, the carriage moves forward and backward, each complete revolution. You can adjust on a thousandth of an inch down to the bit exactly 1*16″. An integrated micro-adjustment scale lets you establish your baseline bit setup at any point. With this, you can precisely adjust bit heights and readjust every time confidently for repeat cuts.


It is highly adjustable, which means it provides you with a micro-adjusting wheel. Due to this feature, enjoy the best precision of 1/1000th of an inch. Making it the perfect choice for all your needs and requirements. This router lift offers seamless elevations of all your routing needs. With that, you can enjoy vast control over all the adjustments, large or small.

Efficient operations

The router lift enhances the efficiency of your woodwork, allowing you a hassle-free fine-tuning of all bit measurements. It offers a user-friendly crank handle so you can smoothly grasp it without any hassle. The overall built features come with a micro-adjustment scale for giving you the perfect setup for your router lift. With this router, enjoy smooth and efficient operations with your bits above the table with more ease.


  • It is easy and convenient to operate
  • The height adjustments offer more accuracy
  • Lift mechanism for this router offers smoothness in your operations
  • It renders high quality that comes with elite performance.
  • Suitable for attaching more than 20 different routers.


  • Reports of motor not fitting in the clamping mechanism
  • Not suitable for all routers, keep it in mind

3. JessEm Router Lift 02120 – 379Universal Router Lift

JessEm Router Lift 02120 - 379


  • Material: hard anodized
  • Item dimension: 13.7x 11.2x 12 inches
  • Item weight:13.69 pounds
  • Model: ‎02120
  • Brand: JessEm Tool company

This JessEm Router is best for all needs for your workshop or garage. One of the best products if you want something economical yet with all the features. A great plus is that it has added patented feature of added tension to the threaded spindle. This feature removes backlash, and vibration, to prevent you from sudden setting changes during operations.


Dedicated locking mechanisms for heavy-duty, long-term routing operations have been added. These are accessible from the top surface of the lift and engage with the same crank handle used to raise and lower the lift. Moreover, without the need for an adapter collar, the Mast-R-Lift II will also fit most fixed base routers currently on the market. Instead of a dedicated router, the Mast-R-Lift II comes with a pair of clamping blocks that allow users to attach a wide range of fixed base routers to the lift. Rigid anodized top plates are used exclusively on the lift.


You can change the router bit, make fine adjustments, and lock the router bit from above the tabletop. Lift tops are made from hard-anodized aluminum measuring 3/8 inch thick. Further, a standard lift table measures 9.25-inches by 11.75-inches, and smaller models measure 8.25-inches by 11.75-inches. Jesse has pre-engineered and press-mounted the shafts so they will never come loose. Additionally, considering the improved height adjustment and locking mechanism, this router lift offers a sealed ball bearing adjustment feature. The premium quality of materials and construction is worth this model’s better quality materials and finishes.


Hard anodizing is an engineered surface treatment, unlike sulfur treatments that are cosmetic and will wear off over time. With hydraulic pressure, the Mast-R-Lift II shafts are pressed into shaft mounts. The shafts are not simply threaded onto the top plate. Additionally, a larger diameter mount is used to press the shafts into. Use more than one screw to secure the shafts to the top plate. And the lateral load is taken care of by the mount, which is very rigid and durable and will withstand any routing operation.

The Mast-R-Lift II can change all router bits without bending wrenches above the table. For corrosion resistance, appearance, and a degree of wear resistance, all machined components, and aluminum non-wear components are anodized.


  • The most accurate router lift for all your requirements
  • Its locking features makes it the most wanted router lift
  • The quality of the material makes it a premium build-quality router
  • A premium router lift suitable for most fixed base routers in the market
  • Enjoy seamless operations due to its low vibration features


  • Some plate sizes are not present with this router lift
  • Reports of turning the crank are difficult

4. JessEm Rout-R-Lift II Router Lift – 215Best Router Lift For Sawstop

JessEm Rout-R-Lift II Router Lift - 215


  • Material: Metal
  • Item Dimensions: 13.6 x 11.3 x 10.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 Pound
  • Model: ‎02310
  • Brand: JessEm

This Best Affordable Router Lift comes with some of the best-installed features that allow the user to enjoy its overall operations. The lift comes with a phenolic top plate made of aluminum, durable and sturdy construction. Rout-R-Lift II is available in five designs depending on the router and router diameter you intend to use. With this model, you can use Porter Cable 690/890, DW 610/616/618, Bosch 1617/1618, and any other router with 3.5″ diameter motors.


Rout-R-Lift II’s spindle is sealed to ensure smooth raising and lowering of your motor. The Rout-R-Lift II’s machined components are all CNC-machined for durability. All Router Lifts, including the Rout-R-Lift II, have shafts that are hydraulically pressed into shaft mounts. Several screws anchor and fasten the shafts to the top plate, distributing the lateral load and ensuring a very rigid, durable mount that can handle the toughest routing.


The double-sealed bearings ensure smooth adjustment with extremely fine increments and accurate locking of the lift table. There are graduations and clear markings at the tabletop that indicate the placement of the adjustment and locking set screws. The shafts that connect the lifting table to the clamp for mounting the router are pressure-fitted. During the start-up and operation of the router motor, one bolt connects the shafts to the lifting plate, which spreads out the lateral load.


Precision milling is used on the CNC machine to guarantee the accuracy and durability of the metal components for Rout-R-Lift II. This router lift table weighs only 8.8 pounds and comes with predrilled holes that make the lift table easy to install. A quick router bit change can be accomplished from above the table.


  • It offers wonderful accuracy during operations
  • Amazingly locking features that comes with this router lift
  • A budget-friendly router lift
  • Perfectly fits into the regular router or plunge base routers


  • It may require additional costs to the users
  • Reports for low-quality materials

5. Incra Mast Router liftBest Incra Router Lift

Incra Mast Router lift


  • Material: Cast aluminum
  • Item weight:15.2 pounds
  • Brand: Incra

With the Incra Mast-R-Lift II Router Adjustment System, you can raise and lower your router from your table without having to remove it. You can adjust the bit height of your cam router from above with this convenient and simple system. You can use the included lift crank to make precise adjustments with your naked eye. This system is incredibly smooth, with five sealed ball bearings in the lifting screw and cam lock.


This universal router lift is one of the best router lifts that provide you with the perfect height adjustment features, making your operations easy and convenient. You don’t need to sit on the floor anymore to adjust the router height. Furthermore, bit changing is a convenient option thanks to the advanced height adjustment system. So you enjoy precise results every single time.


This router lift has a ball bearing mechanism with five different bearings. It ensures the smoothest movements than ever before. Making it a user-friendly and easy setup and installation features that are integrated with its super-smooth performance.


Apart from the other features that come with this seamless router lift. There is a splendid feature that offers lockdown capability to avoid any creep. Further, due to this feature, the router provides you with a perfectly precise working environment on both vertical and horizontal axis. Additionally, you can enjoy no vibrations or movements during operations. This router lift comes with a locking system that removes all the vibrations of this router. The manga lock system is excellent, with an easy lock and unlocks system with the best performing dial.


  • The high adjustments with this router lift are exact and accurate
  • Best ball bearing mechanism than other router lifts
  • It includes five different steel rings that provide much versatility
  • It has IncraMagna-lock reducing ring system


  • Only for rocker tables
  • You cannot do the height meter zero

Benefits of Router Lift

In order to achieve a finish and shape that is consistent across multiple repetitive router cuts. The hand-held router should be mounted upside down in a table configuration. From above the work surface, you can adjust the depth of the cut using the up and down adjustments required.

Setting up

You will control the wood better if you have a stable set-up instead of maneuvering a heavy router. Further, it reduces the safety risks associated with using a hand-held router. These routers offer a fast spinning bit by hand. You can easily reference the profile desired when repeating repeated cuts. It is possible to adjust the router bit height for consistency in output by setting and resetting the machine. Additionally, dust extraction and safety guides will make working in the workshop more enjoyable.


Make sure that any router lifts you consider are compatible with your hand-held router, assuming you already own one. There are many router lifts on the market that can fit all types. If you have a router table, the router lift must also be compatible. You may want to consider buying a router if you don’t already have one. This router table was designed to support it. Since the router has much power, the mounting table and router lift must be sturdy. This is due to the fact that they prevent the router from moving the table at startup.


An operator must be able to make micro-adjustments for the height of the router. The bit adjustment for the router becomes very quick. Further, it holds the overall setting for the entire duration of the adjustment. Vertical crank handles are best suited to micro-adjustments using sealed ball-bearing systems. Getting to the router tabletop from the height of the router must be accessible. This is for making coarse adjustments and removing router bits.


From manufacturers of router lifts, several types of height adjustment mechanisms are available. It is often a matter of personal preference. The mechanism chosen must ensure that minor adjustments can be made and that the locking mechanism operates seamlessly.


Manufacturers of router lifts use a variety of materials. If the router lift is too heavy. It may cause the lift table to bend or distort when the motor twists at startup. Cast iron lift tables are the best option. Still, aluminum or anodized aluminum should be used as the lift table and mounting brackets.

What is a Router Lift?

Routers are commonly used as hand tools or attached to tables. Hand-held routing isn’t nearly as accurate as table-mounted routing. Table-mounted routing is far more accurate, but it’s difficult to adjust the bit height without climbing on top of the table. You can attach a router lift to the motor of your router if the motor can be detached from the base. The router bit is raised and lowered by rotating a crankshaft or thumbwheel with the router lift. With this mechanical whack-a-mole, you can adjust the height and reposition the bit from above the table.

Buying Guide

After the Best Router Lift Reviews, we will share the ultimate buying guide with you. This buying guide will allow you to have the perfect router for all your woodworking needs and requirements. If you want to get the best router lift, then there are certain things you should consider before buying them.


Everybody wants a durable and long-lasting unit so it would be a good investment. Otherwise, you ruin your money. The number one factor you should consider is the material the router lift is made up of. For instance, certain router lifts are made of aluminum, while others are steel or iron. On the other hand, some router units are made up of plastic. Router lifts made with aluminum or steel are the most durable and long-lasting products. They serve you for years without causing any trouble. Remember that the unit made of durable material will serve you for an extended period. In contrast, weaker material will get distorted and causes high wastage of your money. The inferior material units will vibrate and provide you with the worst results.

Height Adjustment

A router lift benefits the router motor and the router bit to be positioned at the ideal height for the project. The router lifts are traditionally equipped with adjustment handles. These handles are screwed into the lift’s surface and raise and lower the router by rotating them clockwise and counterclockwise. In the case of cabinet doors, this is useful for routing grooves or dice in the center of the panel. Thus creating molding profiles for expensive wood species. Additionally, the height of a router can usually be adjusted from the top of the table. The adjustment knob on some high-end models may also be adjusted.

Ball Bearing Mechanism

The ball bearing mechanism enables soft and steady movement as the Router lift moves up and down. Remember that it is always essential to have smooth movement while routing. Router lifts with ball bearings are convenient and easy to operate. It means more bearings ensure smooth and steady movement. And you can get much accuracy and precision from the lift that uses ball bearings. If you intend to enjoy smooth operations. A router lift that comes with a double ball bearings mechanism is the most suitable option for users.

Locking System

The motor must be locked in place to ensure consistent results once the user finds the ideal adjustment for the router bit. Multipoint locking systems are standard on the best router lifts to maintain the motor adequately. Some models’ adjustment spindle and mechanisms can be locked in place with cam locking systems, which prevents vibrations from inadvertently altering the height. In addition, the router’s adjustment spindle is secured by friction locks not to be loosened or lowered. No matter which router lift you choose, be sure that there is a locking mechanism to prevent a bit from lowering due to vibrations, which may result in uneven results.

Elevation Adjustments

Elevation adjustment is the most crucial feature to consider because the primary purpose of any router lift is to adjust the height of the router for routing conveniently. So always get the router lift that offers micro-adjustable height adjustment features. These features provide you with precise height according to the routing requirements and operations. Typically Router lifts have a crank handle with the hexend that fits into the lifts. This handle allows you to change the height of the router so you can easily turn it to a lower or upper position.

Certain router lift units are available that can rotate to 360° degrees. These routers tend to rotate in any direction according to your routing needs. There are router lifts with crank handles or thumbscrews, which means you can adjust the height with a thumbscrew instead of a crank handle. Remember that a thumbscrew allows you to have extremely precise height adjustment features. Further, it allows you accurate height measurement.

Plate Sizes

This is yet another crucial aspect that you must consider, and that is the size of the plate. For beginners, the plate size is the size within which the router lift is going to adjust against your CNC router. Two types of plates sizes are commonly being used for router lifts, and these are 8 ¼ x 11 ¾ inches and 9¼ x 11 ¾ inches.


Always try to get an easy install while buying a router lift because an easy installation is an important factor to consider. Keep in mind that high high-quality lifts have a season install feature than some less expensive router units. The easy installation is best because you may need some extra parts to buy separately for the complex installation. Remember, it costs you more. So try a simple router lift unit with easy set-up, which is best for long long-term


The design of router lifts allows them to slide into perfectly milled holes from the top. Taking into account the weight of the lift is essential when considering the weight of a heavy-duty router. Depending on how heavy the lift is, dropping it into place will be more complicated. This is an excellent product, but it is too light to be used in heavy-duty routers. It is a matter of finding the sweet spot. It is best to choose a router lift that weighs between 10 and 15 pounds to be stable and convenient to handle. If the lift is lightweight, it will drop into place more easily. However, when the lift is heavier, it will be more stable during start-up and routing.


There is no universal router lift that can be used with every router type. Others are more universal, while others are related to specific brands and models. As a rule, it’s best to go the universal route unless you have a router table specifically designed for it.

The universal routers provide the flexibility of fitting a wide range of motors with the help of adapters and collars. These collars fit router motors of various sizes, including 314, 312, and 414 inches. With the collars clamping down on the motor for a secure attachment, the router motor slides into place after being attached to the router lift. A measuring tape or ruler can be helpful for determining a router’s size if there are questions about it.

Plunge vs. Fixed

Router lifts are not compatible with every router. Generally, fixed-base router motors can be chocked into router lifts because they separate from their base. In contrast, plunge-base routers cannot always be chocked into lifts.

Users can lower a spinning bit into the field of a workpiece using plunge-base routers. The supports have springs to lower the bit into the field. There are instances when the motor can be removed from the plunge base. This is not the case in most cases.

The router must be able to separate from the base in order to work with a router lift. A router can separate if the adjustments on the base are loosened after the router has been unplugged. When the router has stopped turning counterclockwise, pull the motor out of the base by twisting it repeatedly. When the motor comes out, the router will work.

Easy to Use

With no router lift, you must access the tool from under the table to change the bit. All height adjustments would be made as before. Setting up a router in this manner is very inconvenient and inaccurate. You can adjust the height of the router using the crankshaft on the router lift, which lifts the router off the table so that it is above the table. Additionally, the router bit can also be changed by extending the lift from above the table. It will be well worth the investment for many shop owners to avoid the headaches caused by router lifts.


You can also make more precise height adjustments with the router lift since you no longer need to climb under the table to do so. Combined with the long crank handles, ball-bearing systems ensure very smooth movement.


Several routers lift on the market offer each user more excellent stability and a vibration reduction compared to what they currently have. Vibrations are lessened to remove material more accurately, and the end product looks better.


A lift adapter allows you to use the lift with different-sized routers. Your router lift will work with more routers if you have a great many lift adapters. Some models come with accessories that level the lift in the table and help you level the lift. Ensure you have all the accessories you need before making any purchases; otherwise, you might have difficulty finding them later.


So many companies make the best router lift. But here, we will mention the top router lifts that will allow you to enjoy your work using them.

The range of routers that works seamlessly with Kreg router lifts are

  • DeWalt 610, 616, 618 3.5″
  • Bosch 1617, 1618 3.5″
  • Felisatti RF62 3.675″
  • Craftsman 17543, 17540, 28190 3.5″
  • Milwaukee 5626 4.143″
  • Milwaukee 5615, 5616, 5619 3.32″
  • Hitachi M12VC, KM12VC 3.267″
  • Makita 1101 3.218″

The best router lift comes from the KREG PRS-500 Precision Router Lift.

The router lift converts any bench that has adequate underneath space into a router table when it is dropped into a work surface. With the router bit protruding above the surface of the motor, they hold the motor upside down.

In addition to inserting the included adjustment handle into the screw on the table’s surface, the router lift comes with an increaser handle that can be used to lift the router. The router will be raised when twisted clockwise, whereas it will be low

Our recommendations

In the conclusion section for the best router lift, we have three choices that offer remarkable features and aspects. Our number one choice is
KREG PRS-500 Precision Router Lift Best Router Lift
JessEm Rout-R-Lift II Router Lift Best Budget-Friendly Router Lift 
Woodpecker Prl-V2-414 Router Lift Best Overall Router Lift


Now you have all the vital information on the best products available for your routing needs. Each of the products mentioned above is best and allows you to have precise performance. When it comes to repetitive tasks, consistency, control, and safety do not matter when using a router by hand. A router lift can mount most hand-held routers so that they can be set up to perform more repetitive tasks. The best router lift you choose must be compatible with the hand router you intend to use.

When mounting the router on the router lift table, the router needs to be able to be set up and adjusted easily. It must be possible to adjust the router height finely and coarsely from above the table surface. Further, it is essential to lock in a setting during operation to prevent drift. And the final aspects that have to be considered when assessing a router lift are the quality of the material, the finish, and the protection the mechanism has against dust infiltration.

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