How To Use Ryobi Brad Nailer 18 Guage Battery Powered Gun 

Working with cordless nailers, or you may call them, nail guns are tools that can drive nails and brads into different materials with great power. There are two types of cordless brad nailers available in the market. One type uses a compressor, or you can say it operates on a gas cartridge. 

The other type is a battery-powered cordless nailer that offers convenience and comfort for operators. These cordless brad nailers are perfect Do-It-Yourself jobs, as they are easy to operate and less expensive when you compare them over time. Among such types of brad nailers is Ryobi AirStrike, and today we are going to share How To Use Ryobi Brad Nailer. 

Operating these bard nailers isn’t for professionals! They offer much faster working capabilities than completing a task with a hammer. For those who are new to operating a battery-powered nailer or a cordless nailer. The results are enough to amaze them with the performance they are going to enjoy operating these nailers.

How To Use Ryobi Brad Nailer

Here is a perfect guide that will allow professionals and newbies to simultaneously monitor the performance of cordless brad nailers. Let us start the process.

  • Inserting Battery
  • Loading Your Nailer
  • Settings Adjustments  
  • The Drive   
  • LED 
  • Non-Marring Pad
  • Depth of Drive 

Inserting Battery

First thing first, let us take to the first step of this guide. The first step is to insert the battery of your cordless brad nailer correctly. Ryobi uses an 18-volt battery. You need to correctly adjust the battery of your brad nailer right in there where it matches up the battery with the hole. 

Slide it right in and make sure it locks together. You will hear a cracking sound that ensures it’s in place. On the other hand, if you want to take your battery out, you’ll notice a little button on the right side. You need to press it and pull down the battery. It will easily come out.  

Loading Your Nailer

The second most important step is to load your nailer. In this step, you need to load the nailer by starting from the magazine. Now you need to load the brads into the magazine of your brad nailer. This brad nailer operates with 5/8 inches to 2 inches nails. Pop up the magazine of your brad nailer. It will open up your magazine. 

The way you do that is by pressing a little button which is located at the downside of your magazine. This button lets you open and closes your magazine right whenever you load your nailer. For safety reasons, you need to point it downwards. Now take out the nails, the size we have mentioned above, and place them in your brad nailer magazine. 

In the end, you need to make sure that the magazine locks into place. After you press the magazine in the upward direction, a cracking sound appears, confirming that the magazine is locked. And it is ready to use.  

Settings Adjustments

Now that you have loaded your bard nailer and it is ready to start its operations. You can set the settings adjustment for your bard nailer according to the work specifications. This Ryobi brad nailer comes with really cool features. At the back right of the gun, you can see a turn dial that you can adjust the pressure on your nails with it. 

Turning the dial according to the requirements of the job. You can adjust the pressure on your nails, so you know you spin this one way or the other. Further, this feature of the nailer will let you know how much pressure you will put on the nail. 

Sometimes you require different pressure according to the material. When you turn the pressure up, it becomes more powerful for the shot of the nail, and it goes deep into the material. 

The Drive   

The drive switch of this brad nailer offers two variations.  

  • Single Sequential Mode 
  • Contact Actuated Mode 

Single Sequential Mode

This mode allows the brad nailer to shoot single shoots of nails at a time. There is one thing that you need to consider. You must take the finger off the trigger to fire another reshot your bard nailer.

Contact Actuated Mode

In this mode, you enable the nailer to fire three nails next to each other. Further, you need to hold down the trigger when this feature is enabled. The brad nailer can continuously fire nails into whatever material. The function of this feature is the same as you know, a machine gun-type situation. 


There’s actually a button underneath the trigger on the right side of the nailer. When you press this button, you’ll see the lights pop on on the nailer that lets you know whether it’s working or not. Further, this feature allows you to check whether the battery of the nailer is functioning properly. 

In addition, this feature enables the users to keep performing their work even in dark spaces. Or where the visibility is low. The surface of the material shines and illuminates the space you are working on and ensures you don’t mess up too much. 

Non-Marring Pad

There is a non-marring pad for the brad nailer, which is present on the tip of the lever. It prevents the material from getting marred or dented by pushing the lever. This works as a safety feature. You can press the surface of your material against this pad, and if it presses, the nailer will work. 

As you press the nailer, the pad presses back towards the gun, and the LED light turns on. Until this is done, this Ryobi Brad Nailer Not Firing any nails. It is suggested to keep this pad intact to achieve maximum safety.  

Depth of Drive  

When you start working on different materials, you first need to keep your fingers out of the way. Now go and press up the engager onto the piece of wood. When you press it, the LED light of the nailer will come automatically ahead of fire away right as you can see everything went right. 

Ryobi Brad Nailer Depth Adjustment feature allows the users to adjust the overall depth of nails for various materials. If you select the option on the right side, you will notice that the nails are a bit closer, and you will be able to see that nails are sticking out of the material. 

Furthermore, when you spin the knob to the left side, this is the place where you can dig the nail deep into the wood or material. The bits hit the material with more power.

Features That Makes Ryobi Airstrike

Here are some features of this splendid Ryobi 18 gauge battery-powered gun. With this gun, you have the power to resolve your DIY projects and wooden home jobs quite easily. 

  • Non-Marring Pad
  • The tool-free jam release feature
  • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment feature 
  • LED light 
  • Air pressure dial 
  • Grip zone over mold 
  • Selectable drive switch 
  • Compatible with all 18V one + batteries 
  • Belt clip 
  • 5/8 to 2 inches capacity for nails 
  • Airstrike technology



So as you see that this Ryobi 18 Gauge battery-powered brad nailer is a pretty powerful tool. And this guide provides you a complete insight into How To Use Ryobi Brad Nailer. This brad nailer is a powerful tool that ensures you have a perfect working experience with it. Above all, anyone who is using these brad nailers is satisfied to their core with the splendid features and capabilities of these brad nailers. 

As they show tremendous working abilities and specifications that allow DIY and home wooden workers enjoy. This battery-powered nailer is compatible and can easily be taken anywhere without any issue. 


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