Master The Art Of Choosing The Best Router Table Insert Plate

What Is A Router Insert Plate For Router Table 

For those who are still unfamiliar with the features of a Router Table Insert Plate. It is a plate that plays a vital role in holding a router to its table. Further, this innovative tool has a design that provides flexibility and ease during operations and ensures the safety of the router and the worker working over the table. Above all, this plate let the workers check on their router while attached to the table.

For those out there thinking of building their very own router table for their wood-related jobs and projects. The central aspect that causes a headache after selecting the best router for their router table is selecting the best Best Router Table Insert Plate. As we have mentioned in this article about what the router insert plate is for and what task it performs during wood-related tasks.

Getting these plates with the perfect attributes such as quality, adjustability, popularity, pricing, and height. We bring you our best 04 choices you will surely like and purchase for your router tables. 

Here is The Final List For Our hand-picked Best Router Table Insert Plates

Kreg Router Table Insert Plate

Universal Router Table Insert Plate

  • It is a highly adjustable router plate for mounting on router tables 
  • The routers come to the center very nicely 
  •  This plate has a number of holes for precise adjustment over the router tables 

Those of you are looking for a perfect match for your routers and router tables. Here is an elegant plate that comes with  Level-Loc Rings for a perfect space and level to support your operations. Made with metal and capable of accepting more than 20 routers for precise adjustment in daily operations.  

These plates are a perfect alternative to Bosch and other leading brands in the market for being long-lasting and durable. It guarantees the perfect cuts to all your wooden elements. Further, it comes with precise alignment marks that make the whole process of installing the plate just like a walk in the park. 

Now coming on another splendid feature that took us by surprise. This router plate is a phenolic capable of supporting heavier and sturdy jobs for you like a piece of cake. And this plate has 3 level-loc reduction rings. These rings have measurements of 25 mm, 30 mm, and 67 mm. 

What We Found Out 

There are a number of concerns that this plate does not work or causes issues for the first time. The result that we have concluded for the perfect working of the plate with the router is that there is a bolt when it is tightened it, loosens the assembly. To avoid this, you have the bolt in a few threads deep in the opposite hole, loosen the bolt collar, and thread the bolt collar toward the head of the bolt. It tightens the collar and then, using the handle with the hex wrench, loosens the adjusting bolt, which spreads the assembly apart. 

  • It is built with metal to withstand enormous pressure
  • A perfect working space is provided with this plate 
  • You don’t have to go over and again under the table when you have installed this plate 
  • It offers versatility during operations to newbies and professionals 
  • It is an expensive plate among its counterparts
  • You need to purchase the levelers for these plates separately

Bosch Router Insert Plate

Best Router Insert Plate

  • The O.E.M authorizes this plate
  • The rulers are embossed into the plate
  • Users enjoy uniform thickness across the plate 

This router plate won’t sag and offers a replacement part O.E.M authorized. A perfect match for all Bosch and Dewalt routers making it a reliable and versatile plate for your tables. Above all, the price tag attached to it makes it an even more amicable solution for all of your insert plate issues. 

Now let us talk about the construction and the built quality of this masterpiece. It has an anodized coating that integrates with high-grade aluminum, telling you the story of its being a strong and long-lasting plate for all your projects. 

Further, with these attributes, you can now comfortably enjoy applying heavy pressure and torture to it. There are several pre-drilled holes for mounting, allowing the users to complete their tasks within no time and issues. 

Above all, it has the ability to turn the table saw into a router table. It lets the users use the same fence for both tools with a simple drop-over guard. There are two holes for guide pins to help with freehand routing, routing without a fence; one is 1/4-20 thread, while the other is metric. The one I prefer to use or am inclined to use more is M6.

What We Found Out  

You might come across many reviews of users that it is difficult for them to bolt the router with the plate without drilling. For this, you need to find the proper series of holes. And if you are persistent and do the manual work, you will eventually find the proper sequence of holes. Thus the central issue for using this plate is no more for you to use. 

  • It comes easy on the pocket with all the top-rated features for the insert plate
  • It is a sturdy plate that won’t crack under the pressure of the router
  • This plate offers scales on either side of the openings  
  • There are complaints of it leaving marks on wood
  • You need to sand this plate with the sandpaper

Aluminum Router Table Insert Plate

Diy Router Table Insert Plate

  • A plate with perfect holes to bring it into the center
  • It offers easy and convenient operations 
  • The overall surface won’t get rusty 

As a router table plate, it offers aluminum construction that provides users with a perfectly stable working environment.  Moreover, this router plate is a perfect match for trimmer routers. This is what you need to keep in your mind before getting your hands on this one. 

Let’s start with the surface of the plate; it comes with a splendid polish that enhances the overall operations without any second thought. Above that, you can see that it has scales mentioned, allowing the users to have accurate measurements. The next thing is it comes with a center hole which is quite valuable for aligning it in the center of the router table.

Now let us talk about the size of the plate, which makes it an even more applicable plate for routers. There is one thing that the users should keep in their mind is that this plate is not a universal plate for routers. You need to make adjustments to it before putting it to start your operations.

What We Found Out  

The main point we have managed to get out of it is that it is not a universal router plate. You need more holes to align it perfectly with your router. Apart from that, it works seamlessly and gives you perfect working conditions. 

  • A perfect tool with a sturdy surface to handle operations 
  • A perfect tool for router table base
  • It is not a universal router table insert plate
  • This router offers a new style fixed base, which makes it harder to work with routers

Rousseau Router Base Plate

Blank Router Table Insert Plate

  • A perfect match for heavyweight routers
  • It gives its users a freehand working environment
  • The rings of the plate can snap out of the plate  

A perfect example for those who look for additional qualities. This one gives you the most durability along with versatility during operations. The durability of the plate comes from its thermoset phenolic plate. And versatility is derived from its removable glass-reinforced rings. 

Now let’s dive deep into the aspects you will have once you purchase this router plate. It offers a shoulder pin that is capable of offering you five locations. With this feature, you can enjoy working in a freehand environment. Further, the work becomes relatively easy. 

There is a second aspect we need to mention for this plate: its four corner snuggers. These snnuggers remove any play while your base plate is not adjusted. The router base plate has all the insert rings attached, which are stable and easy to configure. There are adjustment screws to level the plate and unique locking tabs in the corners.

This plate is not screwed to the tabletop. It lifts out for bit changes and height adjustments. Thus it is a decent-level plate for all woodworkers out there searching for a reasonable palate for their work. 

What We Found Out  

There are two things that we have noticed working on this plate it lacks a leveling apparatus on it, just like the Aluminum Router Table Insert Plate. For this, you need to have an additional apparatus to measure and set accuracy for working. The second thing is a slight bulge in the center of the plate. For those who have lightweight routers, this might create a minor issue. On the other hand, heavyweight router owners find this plate a perfect match for their work.

  • The price tag is a reasonable one 
  • Setting up this plate is relatively easy for professionals and newbies
  • The snnuggers are there to remove excess play during work 
  • A bulge in the middle of the plate
  • It lacks leveling apparatus 


How To Level A Router Table Insert Plate?

Leveling a router table insert plate is a simple process with the help of simple tools. It can be explained in a few steps. In step one, remove the old insert plate. In step two, you need to use a leveler to make sure your router table is perfectly level. And in the final step, you need to have a screwdriver to remove the screws of the insert plate. And in this way, you can easily remove the existing insert of your router table. 

How To Use Router Table Insert Plate?

An insert plate for the router table is a small, removable plate to hold your workpiece in place. It s aids a lot during cutting. This insert plate is inserted on top of the router bit holder. Turn your router on and lower the bit to the workpiece.

What is the purpose of a router insert plate?

The primary purpose of this insert plate is to hold the router to the router table. This insert plate is mounted in the center of the table and fixed to the router’s base with screws. To your ease, it holds a hole in the center for the cutter to protrude.

What is the standard-size router plate?

The standard for the insert plate in the market is 9-1/4″ x 11-3/4″. 

How do you choose a perfect plate?

Choosing a perfect insert plate for your router table should have enough space so it does not sound crowded over the plate. Because the smaller size of the plate will make your table messy, and you won’t be able to work perfectly over the table. 


For all those woodworkers out there who are constantly searching for components that aid in their daily routine. This guide might come in handy as we have covered a lot of aspects of the best router table insert plate for you in this article. These router plates will prove to be handy for your search regarding Router Insert Plate With Lift and Adjustable Router Table Insert Plates. 

Further, if you are still making things work for yourself, then let us guide you in this way as well. Try going for the Kreg Router Table Insert Plate.  This plate comes in handy for a variety of reasons. We have tried to explain each and every aspect of it in detail.

On the contrary, if you want our advice on another option we have covered for you, you must consider going with Bosch Router Insert Plate. Among many reasons, the best so far is it is a budget–friendly plate for your router table and woodworking space. 

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