5 Proven Best Nailer For Hardwood Floor to Be Used On Your Next DIY Projects

Best Nailer For Hardwood Floor is the perfect tool with pressure and capabilities to provide perfect results. These nailers are available in Battery Powered Flooring Nailers and Cordless Flooring nailers. Both of these nailers come with different attributes and specifications. But today, we focus on providing insight into the best nailers for hardwood floors. 

These nailers are sturdy and made with hardened metal making them long-lasting. They are designed in a manner that your overall operations time is reduced to a great extent. All you have to do is shoot the rubber mallet into the actuator for shooting fasteners. 

In the end, before sharing my experiences with you, I must say these nailers are perfectly crafted to ensure safety, adequate air pressure, and easily handing attributes to ensure satisfying results. 

What Role Do Fasteners Play In Fixing Engineered Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to flooring nailers, there are two main types of them. 

  • Cleats 
  • Staples

Cleats are small, metal plates that are attached to the end of a nailer’s barrel. They help the nailer to shoot nails more accurately. And now, some words on staples. They are more significant metal fasteners to help fast-holding attributes applied to the material. 

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The Table For Better Understanding Of 5 Best Nailers For Hardwood Floor

Nailers For Hardwood FloorPower SourceGaugeWarrantyWeight
Bostitch Flooring NailerAir Powered15.5 – 16 GA7 Years10.20 lbs
NuMax SFL618 PneumaticAir Powered15.5 – 16 GA1 Year11 lbs
WEN 4-in-1 Pneumatic FlooringAir Powered18 GA2 year3.4 lbs
DEWALT Flooring StaplerAir Powered15.5 – 16 GA3 Year10.6 lbs
Freeman PF18GLCN PneumaticAir Powered15.5 – 16 GA7 Years9.68 lbs

The Final List For 5 Best Nailers For Hardwood Floor. Number 1 Will Blow You Away

Bostitch Flooring Nailer 2-In-1

Best BOSTITCH Flooring Nailer

  • This nailer will provide you with 1 ½ inch to 2-inch length support
  • It comes with a 5-gauge and 16-gauge support system
  • It offers a 7-year warranty 
  • The operations of the nailer are comfortable thanks to its Ergonomic design 

As mentioned earlier in the table, these nailers are capable of driving 15.5 – 16 GA Staples or L-Cleats. With this Bostitch flooring nailer, you can complete your hardwood flooring tasks in no time. Operating this tool has been very convenient as it offers a rubber grip with a perfect handle for smooth handling. 

Bostitch Bulldog Flooring Nailer is capable of driving nails that consists of length from 1-1/2-inch – 2-inches. With these length variations, you can efficiently work on floors with a thickness of 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, and 3/4 inches. 

All the professional workers, after operating this nailer, have stopped renting these nailers. Thanks to its ease in operating and maintenance features. 

Now coming onto the number of nails this nailer can serve at a time. It has the capacity to fire 300 nails once the gun is filled with nails. Thus it is a well-balanced, easy-to-use, and sturdy nailer for multiple operations relating to your hardwood flooring. 

Furthermore, you must seat the floor nailer on the plank edge and ensure it does not move during your hammering. Because if it is not held straight or securely, it will move. Thus you will be ending up damaging the very edge of your planks. 

What We Found Out

There were reports of this nailer getting jammed after some time. And the reason I have found is that the nail pusher would occasionally slide under the nails and not push the nails, which causes the jam. All you have to do is firmly press the nail guard to bend it a little. After doing so, the nails would remain in front of the pusher. Thus there will be no more jamming complaints with this nailer.

  • This nailer won’t allow you to for renting a nailer
  • This model will bring ease during your working
  • A perfect tool for tongue and groove flooring 
  • The cost of the nailer makes renting out one a joke
  • The nailer gets jammed after some time 
  • There are complaints about leaking air pressure

NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic

Best Budget Pneumatic Nailer for hardwood flooring

  • The overall weight of the nailer is 11 lbs
  • The operating pressure for the nailer is 70-115 psi 
  • You can enjoy covering 260 square feet of flooring in no time 
  • Now you have the capability to work closer to walls with this nailer

Despite the price tag attached to this pneumatic nailer, it offers smooth tongue and groove hardwood flooring. The air pressure is perfect for oak flooring, making it a charm for professionals and DIY users simultaneously. As a matter of fact, the air pressure for this nailer varies from 70-115 psi, making it a perfect choice for hardwood flooring. 

The price tag attached to this nailer makes it the best option for those looking for a budgeted option. There are some issues that you might experience while using this nailer. The rubber handle on the nailer keeps on coming off. Although this is not a big deal, it makes you feel annoyed during operations. 

The flooring mallet that comes with it works great, but let me mention one thing that is its wooden handle. It causes blisters, and it would be nice if you work with wearing gloves.

This Central Pneumatic Flooring Nailer is a durable and lightweight air-powered nailer with a semi-quick jam release feature with an ergonomic handle. In addition, it comes with two interchangeable no-mar base plates to protect finished flooring surfaces from damage. 

What We Found Out  

Before purchasing this nailer, some issues were reported regarding the air pressure. For this would like to suggest starting your work by adjusting the nailer air pressure to 70psi. What I have found using this nailer is that it operates perfectly at 65psi for 5/8″ solid bamboo flooring.

  • It is an easy-to-operate nailer 
  • The impact required for nailing on hardwood is minimal 
  • There is no way that you are going to hit the actuator very hard 
  • It is a perfectly reliable tool for professionals and DIY users
  • The handle breaks during the assembly is a common issue
  • Some issues were found regarding the right amount of force

WEN 4-in-1 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

Best Pneumatic Hardwood Floor Nailer

  • It provides a wonderful 5/8 to 2 inches length support for nailing
  • The operating air pressure for the nailer is 60-100 psi
  • It offers 1/2 to 1-5/8 inches length support for stapling
  • The overall capacity of the magazine is 100 nails per refill

At the third spot, we have this WEN 61741, a 4-in-1 pneumatic nailer capable of delivering perfectly 18-Gauge nails into your hardwood flooring. Further, it is a pneumatic flooring nailer and can be used on various floors. In addition, this nail gun is capable of firing 1,000 nails per minute. 

With its ability to fire nails per minute, this pneumatic nail gun offers a seamless 60-100 psi which can be adjusted from its air compressor according to the project’s needs. 

At this rate, we have considered it an exceptional tool for professional contractors and homeowners in desperate need of a powerful tool that can deliver them fast, reliable, and efficient work.

The magazine of this nailer has a 100-nail capacity. It comes with a rubber grip, and the thing that we liked the most in this nailer is its ability to adjust the air exhaust to avoid jams. 

What We Found Out  

The price tag attached to this tool seems reasonable and makes it affordable training. Further, this tool comes without a bag. And the first thing we noticed as professional woodworkers were that there was no vial of air tool oil. Along with that, there was a rubber cap missing. It is used to keep dirt out of the air intake. Above all, this tool requires regular oiling to operate smoothly.

  • It offers a seamless jam-clearing feature
  • This nailer comes with a reasonable price tag
  • The overall performance of this nailer is second to none 
  • There are reports that this nailer fails on large size nails
  • Heavy-duty operation is a significant issue among users

DEWALT Flooring Stapler

Dewalt Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

  • It offers a comforting ergonomic grip during operations
  • The overall performance of this nailer is second to none
  • It is a Duo-Fast Flooring Nailer 
  • It offers two working modes to professionals 
  • The combined weight makes it a lightweight nailer on the list 

This detailed Dewalt Flooring Nailer Review gives you a complete insight into this stapler. It offers a seamless solution for performing with staples and cleats. The air pressure for this nailer ranges from 70-100 psi, which makes it a perfect choice against varied wood thicknesses. 

Enjoy stapling 15.5 GA Staples and 16 GA “L” Cleats with this Dewalt Manual Flooring Nailer 50mm. It comes with a perfect magazine capacity of 100 nails. They are interchangeable, making them a versatile nailer for professionals. It consists of a lightweight design composition. 

The overall operations of this nailer depend upon the mallet-actuated pneumatic driving action that gives it the power to nail anywhere quickly. Operating this nailer is easy as you must load, point and smack the nail into the position accordingly. Further, this nailer boosts a perfect nailing position for you on various hardwood floors. 

What We Found Out

We heard a lot of complaints about the jamming problems for this Dewalt manual flooring nailer. And to our surprise, this nailer proves to be a worthy nailer in every situation I put in. there was a trick that I prefer to share with you. Before starting working on the job, I always put a drop of oil in the air line every couple of days. It gives me the best results without a single jamming complaint. 

  • It is a highly versatile nailer that offers ease of maneuvering
  • These nailers are perfect for working on fine woods
  • The firing capability is superb for this nailer 
  • It comes in smaller sizes, making it a perfect choice for DIY and professionals
  • It is a slightly expensive nailer
  • There are reports of jams and air leaking from actuator  

Freeman PF18GLCN Pneumatic Nailer

Best Floor Nailer For Engineered Hardwood

  • ‎The nailer offers high strength
  • It comes with a lightweight aluminum body
  • Enjoy operations with an anodized aluminum magazine 
  • It comes with heat-treated steel parts for durability 

For those professionals and DIYers who wish to have a nailer that is durable and lightweight at the same time. This air-powered flooring nailer features all the best options, from an anodized aluminum magazine to an ergonomic handle. It offers a seamless option when installing tongue and groove exotic hardwood flooring. 

As mentioned, this is a highly durable nailer for extended projects. The overall design offers fatigue and less working conditions. Now coming onto the safety of your hardwood, this nailer comes with three interchangeable no mar base plates. Thus allowing professionals to enjoy working with it. 

It is a perfect tool for new hardwood floors and repair works all over your household. Above all, this nailer’s air pressure capability is from 72-150 psi, and at 72, the results are softer. Further, if you work on 150psi, you need to remember that the nails will go deep into the hardwood as per your requirements. 

What We Found Out

To avoid jamming, you need to oil this beast and avoid double-shooting nails into the boards. For smooth operations, I prefer you oil it daily, and it would be better to oil it in the middle of the operations. In this way, you will be able to enjoy smooth operations from your nailer and become a happy user of it.

  • This nailer comprises a sturdy composition
  • It offers seamless operations for massive projects
  • For seamless operations, it is best to operate Freeman cleat nails 
  • A perfect nailer for handling and maneuvering projects 
  • There is no marking on the nail slider
  • Constant oiling is required for smooth operations


What Type Of Nailer For Engineered Hardwood Floors?

A nailer or stapler is a tool that is used for engineered hardwood floors. It is a perfect tool for fastening boards together. Above all, these nailers use a fastener to attach boards.

What Kind Of Nailer Do You Use For Engineered Hardwood Floors?

A pneumatic flooring nailer or stapler is the perfect kind of nailer to install a hardwood floor. These nailers offer a perfect solution when it comes to fitting the top edge of the planks. These nailers shoot a headless nail through the tongue and into the floor. 

What Nails To Use For Engineered Hardwood?

Galvanized nails are a perfect match for engineered hardwood floors. Now you can create a variety of different floors with these different nails. 

What Nailer To Use For Hardwood Flooring?

A nailer that has a long nose so that it can enter the wood quickly.  

How To Use A Hardwood Flooring Nailer?

To use a hardwood floor nailer, you must have a rubber mallet. With it, you need to tap the boards tightly into their respective places. Then you need to strike the plunger from the top with its rubber mallet. In the end, avoid hitting any other part as it may cause damage.

Can you use 18 gauge nails for hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use 18-Gauge hardwood flooring nails. These flooring nails offer superior quality nails that meet the industry requirements. They are being recommended by MFMA & NWFA for their holding powers. 

My name is Johnathan James, and I have a lifelong passion for woodworking. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking, which has further reinforced my knowledge and skills in these fields. I have gained considerable experience in the woodworking industry through my employment with a woodworking company. As a result, I am well-versed in a diverse range of specialized equipment, including but not limited to wood routers, router table, table saws, track saws, and chainsaws.

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